Book Discussion

Book Discussion (er… discussion)- Writing and music, do you do it?

In spirit of Camp NaNoWriMo this July,  Do you write while listening to music? Do you make a writing playlist, or a playlist for your story? I do, I have to, I MUST, it is fun, it is LIFE!

So uh yeah *coughs* I use music when I write. Music is so inspiring, it’s a story of it’s own if you ask me. When I write, I need motivation and music is a SERIOUS motivator. Music can make you happy, sad, angry, it moves you in so many ways, so why not use it when you are writing? Some of you may know that last Camp NaNoWriMo I was writing my Illusionist story, and I am doing that again… Fourth time’s the charm right? Anyways, I use a music playlist adding a song for each event in the story. A sad song for when a character dies, an alternative rock I’M LOOKING AT YOU FALL OUT BOY song for a hard core fight scene, it really works well for me. The songs make me type faster, or at least see the story more clearly.

Sometimes I just listen to random music when I write, or I just listen to the frogs outside… Sometimes silence is just as rewarding, it keeps your mind from clouding over from your favorite lyrics because maybe you are like me and you CANNOT stop singing Walk the Moons new album Talking is Hard… Side note: I REALLY want to write a comedy(ish) story like Denton Little’s Deathdate using Walk the Moon as inspiration 😀 adorable…it’d be great :D…maybe…

Back on track! Music really helps stimulate my creativity cells. Brighter by Echosmith gave me one of my all time FAVORITE stories I am writing STUPID WRITERS BLOCK! Some other (AWESOME (I think)) song gave me the Illusionist idea… Anyways…

Do you use music to help you write? To give you motivation? To boost your creativity? Or do you prefer the silence? The crickets outside and the frogs (or passing cars, ya know!)???

We really love to hear from all of you, seriously, you, yes you reading this, are FABULOUS! You are all the sparkles and rainbows this world needs, you rock!

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