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Divine Love Review (LOVED IT!)


I received this book in exchange for an HONEST review from the author, this does NOT affect my opinions :)!

Thank you Bethany Averie for letting me read and review Divine Love!

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan is what really got me interested in mythology, well Greek mythology at least. Who doesn’t love cool mythology? I like the idea of Shangri la, someone has to write a story for it! This year in English, I took Classical Literature where we read a lot of The Iliad, and Aeneid both of which helped me get to know the Greek gods by name and story. Divine Love gave the Greek gods personality and humor, the story made them both entertaining as well as loveable.

One word to describe this book? Cute. Everything about Divine Love was utterly adorable, so so so so cute. Well the publisher is called Soul Mate Publishing after all… Anyways, Jason and Laney were made for each other. The reader is brought up from the very start to root for these main characters, to FEEL the need to yell out when they beat up some horrible bad guy, which didn’t happen too often.

There were two point of views in Divine Love, both were written in third person. We read about Jason, and his point of view, then to Laney and hers. If asked to pick a favorite I’d cry. I’m joking, obviously I wouldn’t cry, it’s just hard to choose. Both characters were strong, and both point of views did contribute greatly to the story. If we lost one, then a whole lot of the story would have ended up confusing. I actually liked rotating POV’s, some people don’t. Bethany Averie did a really good job of not making the shift between POV’s abrupt, she lets you know when it changes instead of making it confusing 🙂

The writing in Divine Love was really good. The detail, point of view, characters, plot, all added together made a really wonderful story. Honestly, Divine Love was super cute!

So why did I give it a 3.5? I don’t really know, don’t judge, it’s not as bad as it sounds. What I mean by that is, I had a hard time getting into Divine Love. The book was good, really well written, I just had a hard time focusing on it. I am glad that I did manage to pull myself away from other books and read this one because it is really good. I gave Divine Love a 3.5 because of just that, it was hard to get into and also, because a lot of the main events happened in the end. Don’t get me wrong, book two will surely be FANTASTIC!

One more time! Thank you Bethany Averie for letting me read your wonderful book :)! You rock!

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3 thoughts on “Divine Love Review (LOVED IT!)

  1. I’ve never heard of this until now but it sounds pretty good, not a big fan of the cover but after your review I might actually pick it up 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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