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Powerless Review (I FEEL THE POWER of a good book)


I got this book from NetGalley, and adored it so much I bought a hardcover version! Thank you so much! This does NOT affect my opinion of the book in any way.


So who here loves super heroes?


My point is, I am a super hero fan. I love Marvel, okay? DC is alright but I’m not a huge fan of how dark it can be… Powerless lived up to my superhero expectations and even went further. The story was fantastic, can anyone tell me when the second book comes out? I WANT IT :D!


The story. Let’s just dwell on the story! I can’t name many YA books dealing with super heroes, maybe one or two? Anyways, Powerless nailed it! This story dragged me in by the feet like victims in a horror movie *cue the scary soundtrack* (Powerless was not horror at all, I’m joking XD!) There wasn’t a thing I didn’t enjoy about the story! Kenna was fantastic, more on that later… I really enjoyed the idea of superheroes possibly not being as good as they seem. It was interesting to watch Kenna team up with those she despises in the name of what is right, LOVED IT! Powerless was hard to put down, every chapter left you wanting more! What will happen to Deacon? What are the heroes up to? WILL SHE EVER GET HER CHOCOLATE BAR?

Kenna was a fantastic character, Rebel, Draven, Nitro, Dante… I LOVED them all! Kenna was seriously snarky, and I adored that. Just because she was powerless, doesn’t mean that she can’t be strong. It was admirable how she always stood up for herself and never backed down, not even to the biggest, baddest villains.Β  It was nice to have characters who did the right thing, even if it meant going against everything they one believed in. Just because heroes are good, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are just that :)…

Every scene in Powerless was written so powerfully, HA! Pun intended… I enjoyed the writing a whole lot! Kenna’s voice through her narration was so entertaining, the book actually made me laugh out loud a few times! The bickering between the odd group of strangers (odd in a cute way!) was incredibly pleasing. Seriously, they were so darling, I just wanted to hug them, sit at a camp fire and eat melting chocolate chip cookies until we all settle our problems… *sighs* too bad that wont happen!

THE ENDING AHHHHH! What the heck happened? HOW? WHY? WHEN? Answers! PLEAAAASE :D! BOOK TWO HURRRY! Please πŸ™‚



One thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was Draven and Kenna.Don’t get me wrong, they were cute and I LOOOOVE them together but, they confused me! I feel like Draven seemed a bit confused, and that is totally reasonable, I mean he IS a Villain and she is a (sort of) Hero… I just didn’t like how one minute they would be neck and neck, at each others throat with claws out, ready to kill each other, and the next they’d be all mushy with feelings and in love! It was all a bit confusing for me… ah well, it wasn’t bad or anything :)! It did NOT by any means ruin the story.

Side note: Draven reminded me SO much of Warren Peace from Sky High πŸ™‚

He was my fave… XD


Powerless was very captivating! From the cute cast to the intriguing plot, this book is unputdownable. I would recommend it for sure πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Powerless Review (I FEEL THE POWER of a good book)

    1. I really liked Powerless, maybe I am biased because I love superheroes/super kids/ super powers :3… but it was a good book πŸ™‚ If you do read it, I hope you like it.


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