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A Court of Thorns and Roses Review- was so FAERIE FANTASTIC!


FINALLY! I have finally finished A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas! *dances* Boy, I am SO glad to have finished it! This is one of those books that you dream about, the kind that you can’t even consider putting down. A Court of Thorns and Roses is exactly what I was expecting, well, for the most part.

What I Liked

Sarah J. Maas rocks. Nuff said right? Her writing is so vivid that it creates a movie inside my head, and every scene is one I can visualize! Her detail is fantastic, the way she describes and introduces us to every element inside A Court of Thorns and Roses was perfect. I personally loved how she described the magic, monsters and faeries in Prythian!

I hadn’t known what to expect as I entered the ring of white trees– tall and straight as pillars– but it was not the tall, thin veiled figure in dark tattered robes. Its hunched back facing me, I could count the hard knobs of its spine pocking through the thin fabric. Spindly, scaby gray arms clawed at the snare with yellowed, cracked fingernails.

Rhysand. Tamlin. Lucien. Feyre… Every single character was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Okay, so maybe Feyre was cold, and a bit rude but I did like her. She was tough, fierce from years of protecting her family, she was the perfect Belle for this story! Tamlin was exactly what I was expecting for beast, and I can’t get over her descriptions of him! Lucien was just as cool, and his wit was adorable (I think he may be my favorite? Second favorite?)… But Rhysand… I really don’t know why I like the High Lord of the Night Court this much but I do. At times, he did make me extremely annoyed, like when he came in and found Feyre, exposed her thoughts to Tamlin, now that was awful. Rhys is a good, bad guy, like that’s literally what he is! Goodish and badish! I can’t stop fan girling over some of this lines, they left me speechless. My favorite quote in the WHOLE book is when Feyre asks him why he is present for Calanmai (Fire Night)…

The man’s remarkable eyes seemed to glow– with enough of a deadly edge that I backed up a step. “Because all the monsters have been let out of their cages tonight, no matter what court they belong to. So I may roam wherever I wish until the dawn.”

What I Didn’t Like

Part of me thinks that A Court of Thorns and Roses is Young Adult, while the other part of me screams it is New Adult…. I think I would just settle on the area in between. While I adored the wonderful descriptions of Prythian, of the magic and monsters who lived there, I really don’t like adult themes. I’m not going to lie and say that the adult scenes didn’t bother me, because they did. I felt like she gave us a bit too much info on what Tamlin and Feyre were up to at times *shudders*. But I am not going to say that the whole entire book is littered with these scenes because it isn’t! In short, there weren’t TOO many scenes dealing with romance, so if that’s why you didn’t want to read it, I’d just give it a shot :)!

I give Sarah J. Maas some serious props when it comes to her wonderful writing talent. A Court of Thorns and Roses has a bit of gore in it, it’s not super horrible but it is enough to freak me out! WOWZAS, she is fantastic at giving us details, she rocks at making her stories a movie inside my brain. I just wanted to mention that there is some gore/death in this book 🙂 just in case you can’t read that sort of thing.

In just about every review I write, I mention the villain, what is a story without a bad guy/disease/event/etc? A Court of Thorns and Roses goes about… I’d say 90% of the story without a villain. Sure they mention She (no spoilers here!) but She doesn’t come in until the final chapters! I love Faeries, they are cold, immortal, crazy, cool, charming, evil, good… Ever since I read The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa, I’ve loved them and their stories. I was really disappointed that She wasn’t that evil, yes what She puts Feyre and Tamlin through his horrible but oh my gosh she didn’t make me mad, or frustrate me, or make my blood boil with her evilness, so that was a bit of a downer for me…

Somewhat spoilers? I was a tad bit disappointed that I got the answer to the riddle right my first time XD ah well…

 Fable’s Final Thoughts

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a REALLY good read. From the wonderfully creepy monsters to the faeries who own the lands, Feyre’s story is one to hold you attention to the very end. Read it, love it… but don’t eat it… that might hurt 🙂




7 thoughts on “A Court of Thorns and Roses Review- was so FAERIE FANTASTIC!

  1. The lines between YA and NA seem to be blurring lately. A few years back, I remember reading some implied, ah, naughty things that I had never seen in YA before. I wonder if it’s becoming a trend…

    It takes a very special story to succeed without a villain or at least an antihero. The only author I can think of at the moment who’s accomplished it would be Jane Austen.


    1. It may be! I could see it become a trend, maybe one day we will just have YA (or NA) because their will be no difference… I hope not, I’m not a fan of reading those naughty moments :P!
      That is very true, I really haven’t read many books where the enemy isn’t present until the end, but it actually sort of worked for A Court of Thorns and Roses which is awesome!
      Thank you for stopping by, have a fantastic day 🙂


  2. I think that I may need to skip the Throne of Glass Series for now and give this one a try. My plan was to read Throne of Glass after several of the books released, but am just finishing up The Assassin’s Blade and I am not sure about it.
    A Court of Thorns and Roses sounds like more of my thing. Thanks for the fun and informative review.


    1. Oh! Throne of Glass is AMAZING! I haven’t read The Assassin’s Blade yet though… the first throne of Glass book was alright, but the second one was much better so I’d recommend at least reading to Crown of Midnight :)! A Court of Thorns and Roses was really good :D! Hope you enjoy it, have a fantastic day 🙂


      1. Assassin’s Blade is all of the novellas that chronologically took place before Throne of Glass. I enjoyed the first couple, but then it was just sort of blah. I do feel like I have a good sense of who Celaena is, so all is not lost. I may have to continue, as you suggested, to really gauge what this series is like past the novellas.


  3. I was also torn between considering this young adult or new adult, which I think illustrates how arbitrary marketing categories can be. I wonder what Maas calls it.

    That said, I really enjoyed it also, though I was a bit confused by how much Tamlin disappeared at the end of the novel. It made me really uninterested in the climax/romance.


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