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Book Discussion-Do You Prefer A Certain Gender for the main character? (Do you? DO YOU?!)

Wow so, question: do you prefer a certain gender for the main character in any book you read? Seriously, I think this is a good question! Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, either way, what do you prefer?

Angelina says most of her favorite books tend to have boy main characters instead of girls, but most of her favorite authors are also men. James Dashner, Brandon Sanderson, Ciye Cho, Christopher Pike, even though these are all of her favorite authors not all of them have boy main characters though. Ciye Cho writes about a human girl in the mermaid world, Florence. Christopher Pike writes a lot of fantasy stories, and many of his main characters are girls. It could be said that gender doesn’t matter with my sister, she reads a book either way.

I think that many young adult books (not all, just bunches!) have girls as main characters. Actually, now that I think about it, almost all of the books I can list at the top of my head have girl main characters. I think we need more boy main characters, maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. For all of you guys out there, do you enjoy reading about girl main characters, or would you prefer another guy to read about? This easily relates to video games for me, I loooooove video games… A LOT. One thing I really wish there was more of, is girl main characters. Don’t hate me, please don’t. I just love playing as girl main characters in games because I can relate to them. Girls don’t always need to be saved, why can’t we be the one to do the saving? I LOVE Elise from Assassins Creed Unity (I know a lot of people HATE Unity, but I LOVE it), Faith from Mirrors Edge, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Jodie from Beyond: Two Souls and Ellie from The Last of Us are all FANTASTIC girls in video games. I sort of wish we got a choice in them like in Mass Effect or Dragon Age but I guess it doesn’t matter…

*Elise, Faith and Lightning…

But oh gosh, I do love all of the main characters in video games! Arno, Edward (Assassins Creed), Solas, Dorian, Varric, Cole (Dragon Age), Chrom (Fire Emblem)……..


I really could care less if the book I’m reading is about a girl or a boy, what matters to me is the story. It would be cool to see more books about more guys but who knows, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

So the question today is: does gender matter TO YOU in a book?



6 thoughts on “Book Discussion-Do You Prefer A Certain Gender for the main character? (Do you? DO YOU?!)

  1. Most of the time I don’t really mind the gender. Although, my favorite books are the Divergent Series and The Hunger Games series, both have girls/females as the lead role. I always find when girls/females are the lead role in Books that the character is more developed through emotions etc. Great post!


  2. Before, I used to read a lot of urban fantasy books where most of the MCs were male, and when I read rom-com, most of the MCs were female, so I was biased every time I saw a female MC in an urban fantasy or mystery book, but over time I expanded my genres and it doesn’t matter to me anymore whether it’s female or male, as long as the story is great and the characters awesome.


    1. I get that 🙂 I think most of the books that we have read have female main characters, so it could be cool to see more male ones! What is rom-com? Thank you for the comment :)! Have a wonderful day!


      1. Rom-com is romance comedy 🙂 Yeah, I’d love to read a lot more male MCs in rom-com and female MCs in urban fantasy or thrillers, too.


  3. I don’t dislike either, but most of the stories I love have female leads. Or are books like Outlander where there is a male/female combo for the lead (I know it’s Claire’s story…but Jamie plays a pretty strong role). What I do prefer is that the female leads are take charge, strong, role models. I’m really not a fan of the “damsel in distress” lead role. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t enjoy the Shopaholic series (!). Flawed is okay, troubled is okay, and moments of weakness are okay…but I want to see them overcome all of that. I enjoyed the first few books in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, but then got annoyed that Stephanie didn’t seem to grow as a character. I think I just ended up answering a different question than what you posed….but yeah, I do seem to prefer female leads in books. But still enjoy those with male leads. Mostly I just like reading 🙂


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