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Entropis: Reality Unravels Review (Chapter 1-3 AMAZINGNESSSS)

I was able to read the first three chapters of Entropis: Reality Unravels thanks to the amazing Laurie Blake! Chapter Two will be available June 28th!

Here is the summary from the website:

Schism is an ongoing series of urban fantasy novels set in London, about a group of girls who’ve gained magical powers after dying, and are trying to stop reality tearing itself apart. With no idea how or why it’s happening, they venture into Schisms – pockets of collapsing reality – to heal them before it’s too late!

Combining western Super Hero culture and the ‘Magical Girl’ anime genre with psychological and cosmic horror, the Schism series takes its readers through a fast paced adventure as its heroines are forced to fight for their own survival, along with that of their planet.

Sounds good right?!?!?! Click on website to visit Chapter one of this AMMMMAZING BOOK!

Okay so, wow. How to review this? In one word Entropis: Reality Unravels is… AMAZING! Seriously, words cannot describe how incredible this story is!

OR greatness Loki… or greatness.

This story is beyond any other book I have ever read. The idea is SO unique, it makes me wish that there were more books like it… Manga excluded. Entropis: Reality Unravels is all the greatness of a manga made more western, it’s a story about magical girls. Some of you may be reading this thinking, what the HECK is a Magical Girl? Magical Girls in a nut shell are just as they sound, they are girls with magical abilities. Think Sailor Moon or Madoka Magica! Entropis was a lot like them, only different in story.

Laurie Blake did a wonderful job when they wrote it. Every scene was horrifying in my mind, or not horrifying, depending on the moment :)! Every page was filled with enough detail to create a picture in your mind, but not overload you with information. It was a well balance of perfection.The characters were so crazy cool! The powers added in the book were very creative as well, I haven’t heard of many people with magical abilities like… well, I won’t spoil it! I want you to be as blown away as I was! Just let it be known that the characters are fantastic, and they will MAKE YOU (literally FORCE YOU) to read the next chapter. The dialgoue between the two girls was great.

Okay mini break here…  The Schisms FREAKED ME OUT! Never have I read anything like them, which is good and bad. Good because it was CREEPY AWESOME, I would have nightmares for life if I saw one of these Schisms, and if a TV tried to eat me… I had a dream about that once… no joke, it was terrifying! Bad because it was HORRIFYING *See good above.

Honestly, I can’t wait to read more books like this one, and I really hope it inspire more unique ideas in literature. There is still so much we can do in our stories, and Laurie Blake’s story is a wonderful reminder of that.

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3 thoughts on “Entropis: Reality Unravels Review (Chapter 1-3 AMAZINGNESSSS)

  1. Thanks Brianna for such a fantastic review! I’m really glad you enjoyed it so much, it’s always great to see anyone connecting with your work!
    I hope you enjoy the following chapters as much as the first three, and hope you keep in touch!
    Thanks again!


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