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Happy Fathers Day!!!!- A Letter to Dad!

Happy Fathers Day everyone 😀

We are blessed with a wonderful family, one that we love and care for. A family that is truly good and helps others without needing a reward. But today, we aren’t talking about my family, we’re talking about our awesome-sauce dad!

Dad is a wonderful person who cares for people even if there won’t be a reward. He loves everyone and tries his hardest to make himself and others happy. Without him we wouldn’t know about a lot of great stuff. We never have played with Legos, eaten honey and crackers, I probably wouldn’t be such a joker either. I’d never see Star Wars or go to Youmacon or known what comic books were! My dad is awesome. He’s really good at making us laugh too, and that’s always a great way to make someones day.

We remember when you used to sit down and play Mario with us, and how much the Boos scared us. When we would play The Legend of Zelda and you would visit the cemetery with the OH SO FREAKY re-deads… Dad, we really do have so many wonderful memories with you, video games aside. From ice cream to book stores, we will always treasure our time with you!

In short, it can easily be said that Dad is fantastic. We love you with all of our hearts, and even if we don’t always agree, you are a fantastic person Dad.

Love you,

Angelina and Brianna


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