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Chronicles of Nick Infamous (Book 3) Review


The Chronicles of Nick is rockin’ it so far! I finally finished Infamous so here’s my review of Infamous…

The Good:

  • The last sentence was absolutely killer! It seriously makes me want to read the next book RIGHT now! I just need to read a few more books before I pick up this one, but I can’t wait to see what happens. Seriously. Great last sentence!
  • Nick deals with real issues like bullying and suicide and shows the reader just how great of a person he can really be (in my opinion). He’s such a great character!
  • Characters from the previous books are in this one and developed even more, it’s great to see their relationships change and form to be what they are!

The Bad:

  • Nick wasn’t as sarcastic T.T! I love his sarcasm.
  • This book was a lot darker than the other two, which I guess makes sense since it is called Infamous!


I liked the first two books more than I liked Infamous, still I felt like the series has so much potential (and so far it lives up to that potential). Like I keep saying I can’t wait to see what the series brings and how it’s all going to come to an end. I love Nick’s sarcasm and humor and I think The Chronicles of Nick would be great for middle school kids. Now I just need to convince my brother to read this book…as well as a few other great books…One day, I swear he’ll read it, one day…

Have you read The Chronicles of Nick :D? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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