Top Ten Tuesday- Books On My (our) Summer TBR list for 2015!

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So this list is most likely going to be composed of books we should have read by now but never got too… Here we gooooooo~


heir of fire throne of glass 3cressthe kidney hypotheticala court of throns and rosesA Darker Shade final for Irene stitching snowred queen   the chimes snow like ashestracked

Heir of Fire

Seriously Brianna? WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ THIS ONE YET! WHAT IS MY PROBLEM WITH FINISHING SERIES? Oh wait I know… I don’t want them to be over…


See Heir of Fire’s description.

The Kidney Hypothetical or How to Ruin Your Life in Seven Days

I’m a sucker for a book that makes you emotional, I like when they make me feels things, happy, sad, angry. The Kidney Hypothetical sounds really good, and I’m excited to see how it turns out.

A Court of Thrown and Roses

I love Sarah J. Maas’s books, I just had a hard time getting into A Court of Thorns and Roses. I think my lack of interest (that sounds much harsher than I actually mean!!!) is due to busy school life and exams. I LOVE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

A Darker Shade of Magic

Just the synopsis sounds SO GOOD! Can we reflect on that? Please :D? I wanna read iiiitttttttt!

Stitching Snow

I started reading this and oh MY GOSH! It is FANTASTIC! Now to finish it :)!

Red Queen (Re-read)

*sniff sniff* I have to have faith in this book. The first time around I DNFed it, now I WILL finish it.

The Chimes

I don’t remember how I found this one but I really like the idea behind it!

Snow Like Ashes

Like a few of these on this list, I started it but never finished Snow Like Ashes. I LOVE the idea, I LOVE the writing!


Uh same as Snow Like Ashes actually. I started this one and oh boy is it FANTASTIC!!!!

Angelina’s List:


uninvitedunleashedemmy and oliver2179_lAY3hbJ2DU.jpeg2179_QwY9LirfUA.jpeg    2164_C5RDTECgbg.jpegmagoniaApril-2015-books-7.jpgthe orphan queensweet

Wow all of these have bright colors xD


I loved the first book but by the time the second book came out I forgot almost EVERYTHING that had happened…so I gotta re-read it now!

Emmy and Oliver

I can’t really remember what this was about but I think it sounded cute? I dunno maybe Brianna wanted to read it and I convinced it was on my list xD that happens a lot…

Maximum Ride Forever

Confession, I started the Maximum Ride series by reading Fang first…I’ve never read any of the books before that EXCEPT it the manga…but after reading Nevermore, I want to know what happens in Maximum Ride Forever!

What Remains

I can’t really remember what this is about either but I know it sounded good, thus I must read it!


It sounded creepy and I’m a fan of creepy, not over the top, books. My only problem is I haven’t seen this book anywhere xP


I’m trying to read more of the books my sister and I own, so Magonia is one of them!

The Game of Love and Death

I always thought this was titled The Game of Life and Death but I guess it’s not called that xD well it sounds good nonetheless!

The Orphan Queen

Maybe this is another one of Briannas books? I dunno but if she doesn’t read it soon I’m gonna read it!


Emmy Laybourne wrote Monument 14 (if I’m not mistaken) so Sweet has to be creepy, right? Well that’s what I’m hoping. I’m DIEING TO READ THIS SOOOOO BAD!

Are any of these books on your list? Do any of these sound good? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Books On My (our) Summer TBR list for 2015!

  1. A Court of Thorns & Roses and The Orphan Queen are both in my summer TBR pile as well as An Ember in the Ashes and The Wrath & the Dawn. I love the Throne of Glass series, especially Heir of Fire. I can’t wait for the fourth book! I also enjoyed reading Cress, Snow Like Ashes, Red Queen, and Emmy & Oliver.


    1. I hope you like them! Throne of Glass is SO amazing!! I am very excited to read Heir of Fire. Cress is really good so far, I just need to finish it… Gahhhhh, I want to read all of those!
      Have a wonderful day 🙂


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