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The Heir (The Selection #4)


Even though The Selection wasn’t my favorite series, I was shocked and UBER EXCITED for the unsuspected 4th book, The Heir! Sadly, it didn’t live up to my expectations and fell short of what I really really wanted. Don’t get me wrong, you may love this book, it just wasn’t for me…


♕ While I could NOT stand Eadlyn, I am glad I did manage to finish the book. Even though the majority of the book made me want to scream in her face, she did manage to get a bit better in the ending… not by a whole lot but to the point that I was able to stand her!

♕ Out of all of The Selected, I havvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve to talk about my favorite, I mean come on! Henri and Erik, they were so kind and cool and caring and amazing annnnnnd I hope Eadlyn picks him because out of all the boys, he seemed the kindest. They both did, I can’t decide who was better? Erik or Henri!? I really wish she would have learned something in Finnish just to talk to Henri a bit, I am hoping that happens because it seems that he really loves her :)!


They were adorable XD

“He brought his hand up to cover mine as it was still pressed against his heart. His smile dwindled as he looked at me and swallowed. He shrugged as he held me there, seeming only to want to make the moment last. He held my hand for the longest time, and I could see he was sorting through the words in his head, trying so, so hard to find one that he knew I might understand…”

If she would just learn Finnish :”( he is so sweet, jeez… please, please Keira Cass don’t make him die or turn into a massive jerk D:!

♕Cliffhanger ending, that makes me happy and mad… Happy because the next book will, I’m hoping, be better and sad because DARN IT! what is going to happen? Spoilers spoilers spoilers… D”:



♕Oh gosh, I typically never put a book down based on main characters but I almost, ALMOST did for The Heir… Never have I been so irritated by a character, no one has bothered me as much as Eadlyn! She was a brat, I can’t put that in a nice way because she was a HUGE brat!

“Didn’t they know who I was, what they’d trained me for? I was Eadlyn Schreave. No one was more powerful than me.
So if they thought I was going down without a fight, they were sadly mistaken.”

I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes at just about every page! She went on and on about how she was powerful and how no one else was. She refused to see how mean she was to everyone who cared for her and she wouldn’t let anyone get close to her heart. Yes, Eadlyn was strong, but she was oh, so annoying. We get it, you’re gonna be the first Queen to rule Illea, ok cool, get over yourself!

“failure meant having my life led by someone else.”

“You are Eadlyn Schreave. You are the next person in line to run this country, and you will be the
first girl to do it on your own. No one,” I said, “is as powerful as you.”

“I’m smart and beautiful and strong. I don’t need to be rescued.”

I turned away from the mirror to look at her directly. “That’s not what I mean. It’s simply intriguing to me the dynamic you must have. You have my laundry in your arms, and he might cure a disease. Those are two incredibly different roles in the world.”

Just a few examples of her attitude. I understand that she was hidden from the world, and raised basically alone and all, I just couldn’t stand how she treated others…

♕I’m a twin, so I should be able to understand at least a little bit of Eadlyn and Ahren’s relationship, right? Maybe? I’m not really sure  but either way, Eadlyn was downright cruel to him, I wont say why or quote it because it happened near the ending. I guess one could say that the future queen of Illea was a EVIL kitten.

Okay, I wouldn’t go as far as calling her evil per say, but she was just so unkind… Her attitude was almost enough to make me DNF it. The only thing that kept me going was someone said that she changes a bit in the ending, and oh goodness I’m so glad. Look, I’m not trying to come off as rude, and I don’t mind cold, or mean main characters. The only thing is, this Princesses personality was so annoying I almost couldn’t stand it D:

♕ Maybe it’s just been a while since I read the last Selection books, but I felt like nothing really happened in The Heir. There wasn’t any explosions or rebels or heart pounding moments, not that their needs to be, just nothing super exciting. Eadlyn spent most of the book trying to stay away from the boys and going on dates that mostly never ended well… There was talk of somethings happening outside the castle,  but none of the events were that major in effecting the plot of this book.

♕ One thing I found strange, and may be explained (one day?), was the fact that Eadlyn knew next to nothing about her parents and how they fell in love, or Maxon’s Selection process! Why in the world would they not tell her that? I mean did she not ask or are they hiding something????


While The Heir really wasn’t my favorite book, it did have some sweet moments! Even though Eadlyn annoyed me A LOT, the book is worth a shot so don’t just drop it! Give it a try and please let me know how it was for you. You never know, maybe you’ll love it (I hope you do :D!)

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