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Forged (Taken #3) Review


I had high hopes for Forged. I LOVED the second book to the Taken trilogy and so I wanted the third book to be just as good…

The Good:

  • The ending fit the book perfectly, there wasn’t anything I’d really change. It had me almost in tears, that’s how great I thought the ending was.
  • There were some great action scenes, one was kind of graphic 0.0 but it made the bad guys seem a lot badder!

The Bad:

  • There were times when I felt like the story was slow.
  • I didn’t connect with ANY of the characters at all, things happened to them and I felt NOTHING. I should have been sad or shocked but I felt nothing, which made me kind of sad.


I don’t have much to say about Forged, sorry, but my thoughts are kind of jumbled right now. Forged, sadly, did not live up to my high hopes. But my hopes were incredibly high, perhaps too high. The second book I LOVED, the first book was okay, the third book I didn’t like as much. I feel like this happens a lot when it comes to series but oh well, you win some you lost some. The one thing I loved about Forged the most was the ending, everything was wrapped up nicely and I couldn’t ask for a better ending!

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