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Fairy Keeper Review


I received Fairy Keeper from Netgalley in exchange for a free review this doesn’t affect my opinion at all!!!

Fairy Keeper was originally on Briannas to read list, but since we got it from Netgally and she had five other books to read, I decided I’d read it for her. I love fantasy but tend to not read too many fantasy books like Fairy Keeper so that might be why I only gave this book 3 stars but read my review and see for yourself.

The Good:

❀ The whole idea of being a Fairy Keeper was definitely an original idea in my book. I’ve never heard of a story that had people who keep fairies and harvest their nectar/magic to make different types of potions! Plus they have a birthmark, so being a Fairy Keeper is exclusive and awesome all at once!

❀I think most fantasy book lovers would love this book, on Goodreads it gets a 4.22 rating out of 55 people (last time I looked) and that’s pretty impressive. Again, I’m the minority when it comes to this sort of rating.

The Bad:

❀I didn’t connect with the main characters at all but there were a few times I sympathized with her.

❀I felt like the plot could be slow, nothing happened, and what did happen took place way to easily.

❀This was a fantasy book but there were few fantasy creatures until about page 100.

❀There was a love triangle, a small portion of it, that was a bit different. The main character didn’t really have two lovers, instead she was a third wheel.


 Fairy Keeper was okay, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped but I think it’s something fans of fantasy books would so enjoy.

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