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Siren’s Fury Review!


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review! This doesn’t affect my opinions!

You may, or may not, remember my EXTREME love for Mary Weber’s debut book, Storm Siren. My love for this book knows no bounds, which is why I never wrote a review for it. I loved Storm Siren SO much, I couldn’t put my thoughts into words!! So uh, well here is round two aka book two in the Siren’s Fury trilogy and I WILL (try) to write a  review for this one.


I want to give Mary Weber a big hug. Why? Well 1.) she is AWESOME duh! and 2.) Her characters where totally adorable, well you know minus the bad guys. Kel was an adorable addition, like I know he was 10 years old or so, but I just wanted to pinch his cheeks and give him a big hug. I love Nym and her passion for Eogan and her friends, I get why the book is called Siren’s Fury, no spoilers but I understand the title. It was fun reading about Myles, Princess Rasha and Nym’s (sort of?) friendship. Gosh, I just adore the depth Mary Weber went into for each of her characters and their motivations. THE MOTIVATIONS! *SCREAMS*

There was A LOT I did NOT see coming in this book, sorry I keep raising my voice I just can’t tone down my happiness. I can’t really elaborate on that because it would result in a ton of random ASDFDGER and gibberish of fan girling rambling, oh and spoilers. Our reviews are no spoiler reviews so I can’t go into what I never saw coming… But I promise that it rocks my socks!

Like Storm Siren, the plot for Siren’s Fury was amazing, and so beautiful! I loved how there was a message (maybe I’m looking to deep, but I though there was a message) to never give up and uh, don’t get SUPER mad :D???


The only “bad” thing I can think of is the beginning. I LOVED the beginning where the cliffhanger ending of Storm Siren was explained! WOW OH WOW DID I LOVE THE BEGINNING! After that explosiveness, I had a hard time staying focused (not super hard, just a teensy bit hard…) because of all the politics. Other than the politics in the book, which was at times a bit confusing to me, THIS BOOK ROCKED MY SOCKS!

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