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Chronicles of Nick Infinity (Book 1) Review


Chronicles of Nick, or rather Infinity, is the second book I have ever re-read (besides Half Bad!). For some reason I just never read the second book, so when I bought the next four books in the series I knew I had to re-read the first book. I mean come on they were all $5 each, why wouldn’t I buy them?!?!? Books a Million made me spend all my money 😦 next time I go there I’ll try to contain myself a bit more.

There was only one downside to this… the dreadful monster we commonly refer to as spoilers…Yes you heard me spoilers! As I was peeling off the price stickers (they put one right on his face! Seriously people?) I read a spoiler on the back of one of the books. I mean I figured that’s what happened or that’s what he/she was but still, I was kind of disappointed I found it out on accident 😥

So, what did I think of The Chronicles of Nick: Infinity? Stay tuned to find out!

The Good:

  • I like how respectable Nick was to his parents and himself. He stood up for what he believed to be right, even if people didn’t always believe him.
  • From what some of the characters where (not going to spoil it, they weren’t human though) I can tell that the series is going to have some seriously epic fantsy-ish things going on. As well as some creative ideas I can’t wait to read more of.
  • I loved the references to television shows and to our world, Nick’s thoughts made me relate to him just a little bit more. His jokes were likable too (yay for sarcasm and such!)
  • Nick didn’t come from a perfect family, or had the best life, he’s bullied and is pretty poor. This made him not your typical character, in my opinion, and I liked that.

The Bad:

  • I didn’t connect with Nick at all but I did find him very likable as well (see the good above to know what I liked).
  • I felt like the story was pretty slow and uneventful, but like I said I think it’s going to really pick up the pace (at least I’m hoping it will!)

Favorite Quotes:

  • “I learned a long time ago not to judge people by what they look like, sound like, or by the clothes they wear. Just because a house is nice and shiny out front doesn’t mean it’s not rotting on the inside.”
  • “I wonder why no one called the police about the rocket launcher? God knows my neighbors usually report it if I so much as fart in my backyard.”
  • Tragedy and adversary are the stones we sharpen our swords against so we can fight new battles.”
  • “Possible or not, they tried to turn me into a Nick McNugget.” (One of the reasons why I like Nick.)


Infinity didn’t quite blow me out of the water yet. I’m expecting the series to really pick up with the next one (since there are five books something has to happen!) I think that middle school guys would really enjoy a book like that (not saying girls wouldn’t) I just think my brother would love this so much. Now if only I could convince him to read some of these…

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2 thoughts on “Chronicles of Nick Infinity (Book 1) Review

  1. Ooh, these sound curiously interesting. I’M INTRIGUED. And I absolutely HATE accidentally spoiling books for myself. Gah. Once I dropped a book and I was flicking through to find my place and saw a massive spoiler. -_- Totally ruined the good reading moment. Wah. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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