Top Ten Tuesday-Books That Remind Us of Our Favorite Songs!

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We’re one week closer to the end of the school year and this couldn’t make me any more excited! Seriously, I can almost smell and touch summer vacation.

I actually like spring better but I wanna read all day xD

Anyways here’s our top ten books that remind us of our top ten favorite songs (well we like a lot of songs but these ones come to mind!)


Time of Our Lives-Pitbull and Ne-Yo (not my favorite song)

divergent 1

This song reminds Brianna and I of Uriah from Divergent (who’s Ne-Yo in the song). We both disagree on who Putbull is, I think Erik (but I haven’t read Divergent I’ve just seen the movie xD) he just sounds like Erik to me! Brianna thinks of just Uriah but ya know, two is better than one. Just saying!

The Kid’s Aren’t All Right-Fall Out Boy

the young elites

The Young Elites!!! Why well spoiler spoiler spoiler and did I mention spoiler?!? Plus Adelina goes through A LOT and doesn’t have the most pleasant life, therefore she isn’t all right!

Favorite Record-Fall Out Boy

blue lily lily blue

Ahhhh Blue Lily, Lily Blue in particular or just The Raven Boys All Right. Blue and Gansey people, especially Blue and Gansey. Why well [spoiler]in Blue Lily Blue they drove together right? I’m not imagining this right? And this song fits that moment…and I want them to dance together T.T[/spoiler] that’s why!

I’ll Be Good-Jaymes Young

mara dyer

Mara struggles with being good, at least that’s how I saw it O.o so I’ll Be Good is a sad, darkish(?) song that fits her perfectly.

Killin’ It-Krewella (Killigrham Remix)

i am the mission

The Unknown Assassin series, it’s a spy thing…I mean isn’t he technically killin’ it?

Immortals- Fall Out Boy

eye rule of thoughts

Haha…I love this book so it’s immortal to me!

Lay me Down-Sam Smith

cirque du freak

I’ve NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER NEVER cried so much reading a book/manga and this book had me in tears more times than I could count. I read the manga but listening to this song, and thinking back to how much I loved it, I should read the book. Ya know what, I’m placing a hold on it right now! I’m so gonna cry now xD

Ahem…sorry about that…

Novocaine-Fall Out Boy

steelheart firefight

Sorry there’s so many Fall Out Boy songs I’ve been jamming to them. In Steelheart at first Steelheart was this monster, but could it be the Reckoners? After the second book who is the bad guy? Plus this book was so hardcore and Novocaine makes me think hardcore xD!

Love Again-Pentatonix

HalfBadbySallyGreen half wild

Nathan really has to learn to love again after all he’s been through, and this cool song fits the cool book!

Ghost-Ella Henderson


The characters of After School Charisma are haunted by their original copy of who they were (if that makes sense.) Like Napoleon is haunted by his past self and might not be able to live up to what his predecessor did.Ā  Really this is one intense awesome manga that I LOVE!


Angels- Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel

sirens fury

In book #1, Nym was so sweet and kind, in book #2, she is furious! Pun intended šŸ™‚

Revolution- Diplo ft. Daustix, Imanos and Kai (Unlike Pluto Remix)

gathering frost

Through the whole book, Jade was fighting herself, her feelings for Prince Asher and the Queen… Not to mention that there were rebels in the book :D!

Chains- Nick Jonas

crown of midnight throne of glass 2

Celaena and Chaol maaaaaaaaaaaaan, Celaena and Chaol….

Technicolor Beat- Oh Wonder


Technicolor Beat reminds me a lot of Roman and Aysel’s relationship and how it changed throughout the book.

Style- Taylor Swift


I can’t get it out of my head that Style reminds me SO much of Wolf and Scarlet!!

Shatter Me- Lindsey Stirling


Aya/Clover went through SO much in The Glass Arrow that I feel like her world Shattered about a billion times…

Glow- Ella Henderson

transformedNo one knew that Thea was Mother Nature, so she was like a hidden treasure. Anddddddddddd her romance with Chamber was adorable!

I Bet My Life- Imagine Dragons

the lightning thief

This song reminds me of adventure, and adventure is SO Percy Jackson :)!

Bright- Echosmith


Maxon and America’s love song <3! I really don’t know why but it reminds me of them haha.

Puppeteer- Max


BECAUSE LEVANA MANIPULATES EVERYONE! You could say, she’s the Puppeteer šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ :D?

So that’s it, our list! What are your favorite songs?



5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday-Books That Remind Us of Our Favorite Songs!

  1. Ooh, this was a great topic! I haven’t read most of these books nor heard most of these songs, but I think Killin’ It fits I Am The Mission perfectly. And can I just thank you for introducing me to Jaymes Young’s music? It’s absolutely amazing!


    1. Oh my gosh I’m so glad you like Jaymes Young ^-^ he’s my favorite right now and his songs touch my heart haha xD and yeah! Killin it fits I’m the mission so much xD thank you for the comment :)! And have a wonderful day!


  2. I’ve heard of/read some of the books and some of the songs, but in all of the combinations I haven’t heard of the book and the song, it’s either I’ve heard of the song or heard of/read the book. Cool topic though!


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