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Landline Review!


Normally, I don’t read Adult books but once I read about Landline by Rainbow Rowell, I knew I HAD to read it. A magical phone that lets you call into the past? Uh, yes please, is anything better than that? The whole idea seemed Twilight Zoneish to me, I remember an episode with a magical phone where the grandmother was calling her grandson and trying to get him killed so they could be together… creepy and awesome. The Twilight Zone rocks (I can hear the theme song now), but back to Landline.

I’ve read almost all of Rainbow Rowell’s novels, the only one I haven’t picked up is Attachments. So far, I really enjoy her books even if they aren’t my favorites. So far, my favorite is Fangirl and I am SO excited for Carry On!!!


☏ I love crazy, awesome ideas, Landline was exactly that. I haven’t read (or heard of) any books dealing with a magical phone, or a contemporary story with a bit of a magical element. Have you? I would love to read more like this!

☏ This was a roller coaster ride mostly a sad one since it made me a bit teary eyed at times.

☏ As usual, Rainbow Rowell does a fantastic job adding diversity to her books! I’m not going to spoil anything so don’t worry πŸ™‚

☏ I enjoyed how this was a mix of the present life for Georgie, and flash back moments. It was really interesting to read about how her relationship with Neal started and how it got them to where they were presently.



☏ While I adore Rainbow Rowell’s witty, well written style, and her adorable characters, I feel like we’ve meet these particular ones before. Georgie reminded me a lot of Cath, and Eleanor the main characters, Fangirl and Elanor & Park in that order. Georgie was determined, hard working and dedicated all things I loved about her. I just felt like most of her characters are like the ones in her other books, don’t get me wrong though, I did enjoy this story a lot.

☏ One thing I was a bit disappointed about was the fact that Georgie, Seth, Scotty and Neal all wrote comedy but I didn’t laugh once! Maybe that’s just me, but this book didn’t make me laugh once…

☏ The only character we got to know really well was Georgie. For me, the others were all a bit of a mystery which was both a good and bad thing. I would have loved to know more about Seth and Scotty, and Heather.



Landline was a really good Adult novel that I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. The idea is unique and well played out, with enough flash backs to help us understand and get a better idea of Georgie and her relationships. I would definitely recommend this to anyone but there are some adult themes, so be warned!


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One thought on “Landline Review!

  1. I’ve been wanting to read this for a while. I absolutely agree, I can’t say no to novels with magical elements either haha. I already suspected that Rowell is one of those new authors that recycle their characters. Just the fact that she decided to publish Carry On made me scrunch my nose. Let’s see if I pick this up.


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