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Half Wild Review


Before I start my review I just want to shout-out to Cristian (The Bookish God) who can be found HERE! Thanks for being on the same page as me and keep on rocking on!

This is the second book to the Half Bad Trilogy click HERE to go to read the review of the first book!

Half Wild, well Half Bad, was one of the few books I have ever re-read (It might be the only one I have re-read so far!). In my opinion that’s just how good the first book was. I didn’t re-read it because I just wanted to be caught up with the story, oh no, I re-read it because I wanted to remember just how good it was. It was still as good as the first time and it made me so happy.

A few days after I finished Half Bad I went out and bought Half Wild and immediately read it.

I was really excited!

Now, prepare yourself for a book that was more than half wild in some places…see what I did there?


The Good:

☯I loved the action scenes, they were faced paced and intense.

☯The magic Nathan and others used I loved, I can’t say too much because it’d spoil some things but it was really cool!

☯My favorite character was (warning there’s a spoiler!) [spoiler]Marcus, even though he was a murder. He tried to be there for his son and when they were together you could feel their father son relationship, which I loved. Marcus seemed to care for Nathan so much! [/spoiler] I also liked Gabriel wayyyyyy more than I liked Annalise. Gabriel fought hard and seemed to like Nathan more than Annalise (who just sat there and whined. 😛 I DIDN’T FIND HER LIKABLE AT ALL!!!!)

☯*MILD SPOILER* Some older characters were brought back in and I loved it.

☯The cover, look at it’s pretty, green, shiny, cover. Look at it!

☯I love how Sally Green changes her writing style to add to the mood. She makes words get bigger and bigger, changes I to You and sometimes doesn’t capitalize letters. I think it is absolutely brilliant!

The Bad:

☯ I felt like the plot was a bit slower more standing around and talking, and some of the ideas seemed a bit usual. Like (spoiler) [spoiler]they are rebels so they were at a rebel camp, sometimes training and attacking with little detail at times. [/spoiler]

☯I didn’t connect as much with Nathan as I did the first book, I didn’t connect as much with any of the characters really.

☯Some parts and some characters emotions felt forced instead of natural (but that could have just been my opinion.)



☯I didn’t enjoy Half Wild as much as I enjoyed Half Bad, some things felt forced and I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would have liked. Still I can’t wait to read the third book to find out where Nathan ends up next. Still, I think you should give it a shot! The third book is gonna be good!

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