Top Ten Tuesday- Authors I REALLY Want to Met

WOOT WOOT! It’s may 12th, and here is yet another Top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and The Bookish is here! This week we will narrow down our list of authors we would love to meet and share them with you!


Sarah J. Maas

If I could only meet one author in my lifetime, I would choose to meet Sarah J. Maas. I know, I know, I would LOVE to meet ALL of these authors one day but if I could only meet one it would be her (no offense D:)! Her Throne of Glass books are my favorites, and A Court of Thorns and Roses is my most anticipated 2015 book. I can’t get enough of her fantastic stories :)!

Marissa Meyer

My second* favorite author would be Marissa Meyer so it only makes sense that I would want to meet her too! The Lunar Chronicles are so hard to put down. I love the uniquness of her characters and the amazing feel of a Fairy Tale mash up in space! Also, I read that she is a fan of Sailor Moon which is AWESOME!

*I love all of these authors and I can’t really favor one of the other… They’re all my number ones!

Ransom Riggs

Ransom Riggs Peculiar Children stories stole my heart from page one. He is such a fantastic writer, and the way his pictures match up with his story adds to the wonderful creepiness I love! Every time he does a book tour or signing, I search for my state but it’s never there! COME TO MICHIGAN RANSOM RIGGS PLEAAAAASE!

Rick Riordan

I never thought I would end up reading the Percy Jackson books because they were for Middle Grade kids. Well I am totally lame because they were so good! I will never judge a book because of it’s target audience again. Rick Riordan does a fantastic job with his writing, and I love how his stories draw you in with the cuteness of the characters. Rick Riordan, you rock!

Mary Weber

I don’t know to many people who have read Storm Siren sadly :(! Meaning I have no one to fan girl over this fantastic author with! Mary Webers debut book blew me away last year, I loved Storm Siren so much I couldn’t write the review haha. Thanks for blowing my mind away ❤

 Tahereh Mafi

Even though I have yet to finish the Shatter Me books (I KNOW I AM NUTS!) Tahereh Mafi’s writing blew me away. Seriously! How in the world is a book that good qwergbgvd? Her writing was so good, I loved how she crossed off things and the voice of her main character. I didn’t know she was married to Ransom Riggs XD I was like, “awwww, she got him a present for his birthday” and my friend said, “yeah they’re married.”

Patrick Ness

I don’t know what to say about Patrick Ness other than I love him. The Knife of Never Letting Go and A Monster Calls tore me apart. The writing was so good, and the stories unlike I have ever read before. His books aren’t short on tears :”(

Betsy Schow

Spelled is my favorite book for this year so far. No joke. This Oz retelling was a big, funny mash up of Fairy Tales that I could NOT down. While some moments had me a bit frustrated, I loved how the characters developed.


James Dashner

Well…I already met James Dashner but I’m in love with his books sooooooo much I have to meet him again! I got The Eye of Minds (#1 Mortality Doctrine) signed and I really want the rest of the series signed by him and I’m hoping he’ll go to Yallfest…Please please James Dashner please go to Yallfest! The only thing is, if he goes to Yallfest, I think though, that his book comes out after the Yallfest so I’d have to meet him a third time (I’m not complaining, I’m just saying.) He’s my all time favorite author 😀 😀 😀 😀


This is me and him the first time (I feel like I look so awkward xD)

Robison Wells

I loved his Variant series and thought his Blackout series so I’d like to meet him ^_^

Maggie Stiefvater

She wrote The Raven Boys why wouldn’t I want to meet her??!!?!?! It’s one of the most imaginative, creative wonderful books I’ve ever read 😀

Brandon Sanderson

Steelheart was one of the BEST books I read last year therefore I have to meet him. I loved every moment of Steelheart and can’t wait to read the third book, cliffhangers people!

Erin Bowman

She wrote the Taken trilogy I LOVED the 2nd book not so much the third. Anyways, I liked it so I want to meet her 😀

Marie Lu

She wrote The Young Elites, which has Enzo in it. I REALLY REALLY liked Enzo 😀

Michelle Hodkin

She wrote The Mara Dyer trilogy which was a mind tripping awesome sauce book!

A.G. Howard

I liked the Splintered series, I still have yet to read the 3rd book :/ but I’ll get to it one day, I promise! I hope that day will before the final ebook comes out!

E. Lockhart

We Were Liars was one of those few books that made me cry my heart out and the twist was so shocking. That book made me feel so many things, it was beautiful.


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