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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day everyone 😀 I decided since it was mothers day to talk about Brianna and my mom.

My mom is a wonderful, kind, caring person who thinks about herself more than she thinks of others. She’s always helping out others and focuses on people other than herself.  She’s not just my mom she’s one of my best friends ever. I trust her and love her with all of my heart, she and my dad deserve the absolute best in this world. I’m so glad to have a wonderful, kind, loving family as the one I have now.

My mom is so understanding too she puts up with Brianna and my shenanigans and even encourages them. Brianna and I aren’t ‘normal’ teenagers, we have a love for all things cute, anime, books, movies, comic-books. We aren’t into the ranchcream (mainstream is too mainstream) most of the time. She accepts us for who and what we are. When Brianna and I slow motion fight randomly she just laughs. When Brianna and I walk into her room and hug her with tears in our eyes over something that happened in an anime, she questions it, but hugs us two weirdos. Brianna and I say “can we go to an anime convention?” She says “yes”. We ask if we can cosplay she says ‘why not’?

My sister and I talk about all this random stuff like “hey mom I’m trying to solve a murder on twitter,” (Mystery Twitter Theater)… she knows us so well and I love her so much for it. I know I can come to her when I have problems and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. So thanks mom for being so supportive of my sister and my weirdness and loving us despite the fact that we aren’t in any sports, or don’t have many friends. We love you, and always will.

So yeah, Happy Mothers Day to all those wonderful moms out there!


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