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Transformed Review!


This book was given to by the author in exchange for an honest review this does not change my opinion at all!

Ever since seeing the pretty cover (I man come on, it’s BEAUTIFUL!) I had to read what Transformed was about. Books about legends are always cool, I mean how many mythology books do we have about Greek/Roman gods/goddesses? I haven’t read a single book about Mother Earth, until now. E.V. Fairfall does a fantastic job telling us the story of Thea, Mother Earth who is trapped in a small town, her creations are constantly being hunted by Brice and his family. Thea sets out to stop Brice and his family from his meaningless killings.


🌻 The characters *cough* except Brice *cough* where all fantastic. I haven’t read too many characters who like Brice, left me with a huge frown and growing frustration. STOP IT BRICE! STOP BEING A BUTT HEAD! Aside from him, the cast was enjoyable to read about. I loved reading about Thea as Mother Earth, and how her feelings evolved and shifted away from her original goal! Plus, I have to mention, I totally ship Chamber and her :)!

🌻 I loved how everything was explained in the ending. The book tied up all my questions in a neat, sweetly wrapped package. I felt like there were no loose ends, so yay!

🌻 Transformed had a unique plot that I would love to see/read more of! Reading E.V Fairfalls take on Mother Earth and her story was very interesting, and after a teensy bit* I could NOT put it down. The ending had me close to tears, it was sweet and all sorts of good.

*The beginning was a bit slow for me, but afterwords the story really picked up pace!



🌻 Thea was a bit stubborn at times, this isn’t a problem with the book necessarily, it just made me mad. I mean why did you do that Thea? Why did you say that stuff to a certain person :'(??? Mini spoiler! [spoiler]Why did she hurt Chamber when he OBVIOUSLY loved her? I mean she could have stopped Brice in another way other than making him love her right? Her telling him to go away was a punch in the feels, I SWEAR![/spoiler]

🌻 Maybe I’m over thinking things (I probably am, I do that), but isn’t her plan a bit over the top? I mean, her being Mother Earth and all and trying to get a hunter to love her, it’s a bit like loving your murderer O_O! Not a problem with the plot, just something I couldn’t stop thinking about.


E.V Fairfall’s Transformed is a magical story about Mother Earth trapped in a small town. This book was all sorts of wonderful, and a quick easy read to get into. The characters were all done so well, and (most of them) were loveable. I would recommend this book to anyone with a love of nature (haha!) and a good book.

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