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Bomb Review


I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Are you prepared for a thrilling ride? Do you want a book that you just can’t walk away from? Seriously, Bomb is explosive. Pun intended.
Reading the summary I knew that this book was for me, it sounded intense, action packed and one wild ride I was ready for. This is what I got and more.

The sentence structure of the whole story consisted of quick, snappy sentences that added to the overall mood and tone. It made the story both quick and intense, if the sentences were longer I don’t think the book would have been so good. Those short sentenced just grab your attention and hold it there for hours as your heart pounds and mind begs to know what exactly happened. The writing was absolutely wonderful as well, the main character had this thing with poems. She loved to think of one sentence poems that talked about life and how valuable living really can be or the despair of living, depending on her mood.

Some examples include:

Life is a child: the more you know, the less you see. The more you grow, the less you’re free.

Life is a but lane: you have to travel along it alone

Life is a train rumbling on the tracks: your journey is set. It has many stops, but you must stay on it to the very end.

I loved how creative her poems got about life.

Gen, the main character didn’t have much of an explained past. All you know as a reader is that she dated Dave, broke up with him, then dated Naz. Yes there is a love triangle but one of the characters isn’t in the story for more than half of the book. So it’s pretty much non-existent. For some reason the lack of her past didn’t take away from the story. I think it kind of added to the story, but maybe that’s just me.

What Gen went through was absolutely horrifying. I’m not sure the girl would ever be able to sleep after what happened to her, if she lives that is. Aha, thought I was going to spoil it? Nope. You’ll have to read the book to find out if Gen survives. Mwahahaha! I’m so evil.

You know who else is pretty evil? The terrorists in this book! They use girls as walking bombs and force them to work with them or the poor girl will be blown to pieces. All of this is done in the name of their religion, where they die there hair and get tattoos and devote their time to their beliefs. Which involves killing others and terrorizing innocent people. Seriously, what they did was so scary.

Bomb is definitively one of the most intense books I have read this year. Most likely ever! It has your heart pounding, it chills your blood and forces you to read it until the very end.

Are you’re looking for a book that is action packed, with a tiny bit of romance and horror (the realistic, oh my gosh am I going to die horror) or need something that is just epic? Try out Bomb by Sarah Mussi!

(These quotes are from the arc ebook!)

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