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Currently Reading Reactions- #3

Yay Currently Reading Reactions is back! Angelina and I have a TON of books to read (mostly me…) this month, so lets get started.

Tracked by Jenny Martin

trackedEven though I couldn’t possible care any less about cars, I am LOVING this book! Tracked by Jenny Martin is so engrossing and amazingly written, it is SO hard to put down!

4.5/5 so far!






Transformed by E.V. Fairfall

transformedWhen I reaqd about Transformed, the idea was so interesting and unique! When the author as ked if we would review it I had to say yes! So far it is good 🙂

3.5/5 stars so far!

Angelina’s Reading…

Forged (Taken #3) by Erin Bowman

forged.jpgI loved the second book more than the first and I’m hoping the third will actually blow me out of the water. Seriously I love Gray and his brother, twins for the win! I’m pretty sure it’s the last book and if it is I hope it’s concluded all right! I haven’t seen any reviews on this book sadly so I’m going in with nothing xD oh well I doubt it’ll disappoint.


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