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April Wrap Up

 Wowzas this year sure is flying by faster than a Walk to the Moon, it’s so fast it’s like it takes 30 Seconds to Mars…get it? Sorry I love cheezy weird jokes like that. Anyways happy May everyone, this month is gonna bring loads of great things like The Avengers: Age of UltronI seriously hope it’s good, well it has to be I mean Captain America is in it…

Hmm let’s see other great things happening this month include more book reviews and it’s our BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH!!!

Well, more like our blogs birthday it’s gonna turn one years old the 10th of this month ^-^ ! Sadly there won’t be any Kpop stars dancing or any Korean star around here but still I can’t help but do my

AnywAYS we still have to wrap up last month so here’s our wrap up

Books Reviewed: (Click on the covers to go to their review)

Four Stars and Up:

MyHeartandOtherBlackHolesbyJasmineWargasupervision-alison-stinearistotle and dante

Three Stars or Two Stars:

inquistiorsgirl at midnightan ember in the ashesthe five stages of andrew brawleya magic dark and brightwhite catday humanthird twin

Other Posts:

[wrap-up-posts date=”April 2015″ notin=”book reviews” listtype=”ol”]

Other Things:

  •  Brianna and I went to Books a Million for the first time this month and bought about 8 books that were all on sale. We’re went back yesterday for their geek week ^-^ (it was Star Wars day there!) We bought three great books!

  • I’ve found a new love for music I’ve been listening to it more often while working on our blog. These include:

            I’ll Be Good-Jaymes Young

 Puppeteer-Max Schneider

Shut Up And Dance-Walk the Moon


  • We saw The avengers yesterday and it was AWESOME! Definitely the best movie we’ve seen all year.

I hope May is a great month for everyone! Thanks for reading our posts you rock our socks!


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