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The Glass Arrow Review!


Thank you Nori from ReadWriteLove28 for recommending me The Glass Arrow! I was not disappointed.

When I first read about The Glass Arrow, I was both disgusted and  a bit interested (interested because I was wondering how she would find her family, and who this mute boy was. And because Nori really liked it, a lot of people have). In all honesty, I was more disgusted by the idea of girls being sold like property, why in the world would that be the idea behind a book? Don’t let that turn you away, while that aspect of the book was enough to make my blood boil, the story that Kristen Simmons created was actually fantastic.

The majority of the story takes place inside the Garden, where girls are prepared to be sold on Auction day. While some girls are more than ready to start their lives as slaves to men, Clover wants to do whatever she possibly can to get to her family in the woods. Personally, I enjoyed how this was more than just a story about a girl who falls in love. The Glass Arrow focuses more on Clover’s relationship with her family and her desire to return and save them.

Kristen Simmons did a fantastic job giving her characters life. While reading, I felt like each person had a really unique take on how the world they lived in was run. Each character reacted differently and were created with unique personalities and back stories, I LOVED it! Oh, and the bad guys are despicable, can’t forget to add that.

It’s sort of hard to sum up all of the feelings this book gave me, happiness, sadness, bitter anger and serious frustration with their world where just a few of the billion things I enjoyed about this book. My only problem with this book was the fact that [spoiler]Clover didn’t spend much time where she was sold to. I felt like everything worked out too well for her and she escaped rather quickly, not that I wanted her to stay longer. Those guys were so despicable, I was hoping Clover would kick some serious butt.[/spoiler]

The Glass Arrow was a definite winner for me. It had all of my favorite elements in books: horrible bad guys, a unique plot, great characters and writing style.


                Favorite Quotes

“I’d rather be a wolf than a girl any day.”

“There are bigger things in life than being chosen.”

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*Not sure of any others because this book was so unique to me.

**Covers take you to the books goodreads page 🙂

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