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An Ember in the Ashes Review (Repost)

I got this from the Goodreads First Reads and am reviewing this honestly!

An Ember in the Ashes was a huge disappointment for me though I had not standard for it to begin with. I don’t want to discourage people from reading this book, I mean on Goodreads it has almost a full 5 stars, I’m just one of the few who did not like this at all. So instead of writing an in-depth review I’ll just give you points that I did and did not like about An Ember in the Ashes.


✿  Laia and Elias were the two main characters, the book switches between each of their points of view after each chapter. Laia was really lame in my opinion, she’s just like ‘yeah’ I’ll be a slave spy to save my brother and let myself be tormented and do nothing about it until the very end. Even then she didn’t even really kick anyone’s can. She is the most damsel in distress kind of character I have ever read because all she does is get beat and knocked out and kind of spy. Her whole point of view was very boring.

✿ Elias was more likable, he originally grew up in a tribe (not going to say why because it’d be a spoiler.) He had few flashbacks of living with them, was kind of lame too, at least he could beat people up.

✿ Well, I guess I could just sum them up as unbelievable to me. I did not connect with them and I didn’t really like them.

✿ Another point that some people might be bothered with, is the few adult themes in An Ember in the Ashes. Some girls get almost raped and there are countless people who get tortured.

✿Most of the story was just talking and I really dislike that.

✿ The plot was so slow. 400 pages with nothing happening but Laia just walking around wishing she could save her brother and Elias wanting to do something to make himself a better person. I feel like they could have just shortened the book and added more action instead of hinting at a second book. Please just speed the thing up people! But the ending was a tad bit more enjoyable than the rest of the book, but still didn’t like it.

The ending was like, ‘what is that it?’ Now this is going to happen? My guess is a second book is on the way…

✿ Another thing was, I thought An Ember in the Ashes was more fantasy. There were few things of fantasy, a few ghosts and people with powers. Yeah.

This cat sums the whole thing up for me in a cute way!


✿ The cover is pretty.

✿ Action picks up in the end.

✿ The title is used in the book which I always think is cool.

✿ The overall idea was nice, I liked that.

There, so now you can decide if you want to read this or not. Just remember this is my opinion and yours could be totally different, I recommend you still give it a try!

If you like young adult, ‘fantasyish’, action stories then try this one!

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