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Alice in Wonderland High Blog Tour-Interview

Alice in Wonderland High blog tour is hosted by the Sunday Street Team. This book sounds epic and really awesome! My sister and I were lucky enough to interview the author about her book, here’s our questions and her answers.

First of all thanks for letting me interview you!!!!!

1.Do you ever get writers block? If so how do you get through it?

Yes, many times! I have a few tried and true methods to tackle it. The first is to talk it out with someone. My CPs and I usually gChat all day long anyway, so I’ll bring the problem straight to them. Often the reason I have writer’s block is because I’ve either written in the wrong direction or I haven’t delved deep enough into the characters. Their suggestions often help me see what I couldn’t see on my own. Another method I use is to Excel Spreadsheet track it. I think this is essentially the same process as using notecards to plot but instead each scene gets a single cell. I find this works best for tracking multiple different plot options to determine which one gives me the most story to work with. Lastly, I recently got stuck BEFORE I started writing. As in, I couldn’t even come up with a book idea. To dig my way out of that, I started reading interesting articles to see if that sparked anything. I also forced myself to write query-like pitches based on these articles. Once I got flowing, the ideas started coming to me, unlocking all kinds of plots. I ended up writing ten new blurbs and eventually found my next project, which is now in draft.

2.Are there any other ‘classic’ fairy tales you’d love to do a spinoff (if that’s the correct word) of?

I do happen to have another one plotted but not yet written. It’s not a fairytale per se but it’s something I haven’t seen done before in YA. And that’s all I’m willing to say!

3.Do you have a playlist for your book?

I generally write with silence (I know, how boring!) but I do have a short playlist filled with songs from the various ALICE movies or by artists who wrote sounds about the character. The two songs I listened to the most were Jewel’s “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” and Avril Lavigne’s “Alice.”

4.Who is your favorite character?

From ALICE IN WONDERLAND HIGH, it’s definitely Kingston Hatter. He was the most fun to write. I loved coming up with crazy things for him to say. From other novels, my favorite character is definitely Rose Hathaway from The Vampire Academy series. I love how badass yet vulnerable she is with a voice that pops off the page.

5.When and why did you start writing?

I wrote my first story when I was 5 about a girl with an imaginary friend who can walk through lava (a super useful talent in…New Jersey, where there are no volcanoes). I wrote my first novel at 17, which was essentially 75k filled with existential ponderings since we were studying Camus and Hamlet in English class. I started seriously writing for publication in college where I took creative writing classes and sold a bunch of short stories. As for why did I start writing? Because I couldn’t not! Writing has always been a need I couldn’t ignore.

6.Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration for Alice came from two specific places. I’d been wanting to write a book about a girl who does ecotage as part of a quasi-secret society for a while. I’d also always loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and filming for the Tim Burton movie had just begun with images of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter released. I was inspired to do a re-read and I realized that Alice’s main goal in the book is to get inside the beautiful garden she spies through the keyhole when she’s normal sized. I also realized that while most adaptations play up the friendship between Alice and the Mad Hatter, Alice’s main ally throughout the entire original is the Chesire Cat. These two facts gelled for me and I realized my ecotage idea could work perfectly as an Alice modernization.

7.What do you like about being an author?

My favorite part so far is connecting with other authors and making great new friends. I’m excited for the next adventure: connecting with readers.

8.Do you have a favorite quote from your book?

I love the first line in the book but I think this one is my favorite. It comes on page 152: I’d just committed to committing a felony. With my enemy. Ugh


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