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Supervision Blog Tour Review


I received this book from Xpresso Blog Tours for the Supervision Blog Tour, that doesn’t affect my opinion on the book.

When I signed up to do a review as part of a Blog Tour for Supervision, I was both excited and nervous. Nervous because I don’t read to many Ghost stories, and was worried that this one might be super super creepy, or bloody, or gross, I don’t take bloody/gory books well. The excitement was from the summary, why does her grandmother leave at night? What is happening to those kids? WHY IS HER NEIGHBOR DEAD?

Happily, the book was not very terrifying, there were intense moments but nothing that would give nightmares. Supervision was a wonderful book that, in my opinion many will enjoy.

The Good:

What I loved the most about Supervision, was the story which was both fast paced and interesting. This wasn’t the kind of book you would pick up only to drop a few days later, it was the kind of book that starts off slow but quickly drags you into the gripping story. With so many great descriptions, and strange paranormal events, I finished this book in a few days. The characters are all enjoyable and easy to fall in love with, it’s difficult to not be curious about who they are. The main Antagonist was a real villain, the kind that makes your blood boil and hair stand up on end.

There was close to nothing that I didn’t enjoy about this story, but while this holds true, I did not give Supervision 5 stars, I gave it 4.

The Bad:

While I found the story to be really good, the beginning was slow making it hard to get into. The plot was at times, very predictable which took away from the books excitement. The author did her best to answer all of the readers questions, but even then I felt like it all happened too conveniently, and some questions weren’t fully answered.

I’m pretty sure this is a standalone book, but I’m still hoping for another :)!

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5 thoughts on “Supervision Blog Tour Review

  1. Great review, Bianna! I love the sounds of this one – I’m a super for anything creepy or strange. I also like how well written the characters seem! Glad you liked it! 🙂


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