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White Cat (Curse Workers #1) Review


You know what was weird? Really, really, REALLY weird? The fact that I finished this book March 20th, 2015 and I went to rate it on goodreads only to find that Angelina finished this book March 20th, 2012. Let that soak in… ISN’T THAT CRAZY :D? We also gave the book the same rating of 3 stars haha, weird right?

Let me start my review now that I got that off my chest πŸ™‚

The Good

✘ White Cat had a really interesting story that was easy to get into. I loved the concept of the Workers, and how their power was considered a Curse instead of Magic. There were so many different Curses with different consequences, I really enjoyed it.

✘ This isn’t your typical YA book, the main characters are mostly all boys and fight like crazy. Cassel was a great con-artist, he had some pretty amazing plans too, I really liked his characters. All of the White Cat characters were both ruthless and enticing.

✘ I LOVED the ending so MUCH, but it also made me very sad and angry. This book didn’t have a cliffhanger, jut a good, terrible ending.

The Bad

✘ While I loved the unique story, I found the plot to be a bit bland and at times predictable. True, some parts I didn’t see coming, but those moments were fewer than those I did see coming. The story was boring at times only because there were a lot of moments where Cassel told us his memories about Lila, or describing the scenery.

✘ Don’t even get me started on Lila… I really could not stand her character. Lila was stubborn, rude and very cruel.

✘ I love good villains, White Cat disappointed me with its bad guys. I’m not going to spoil anything, it’s just that I felt like they lacked very evil qualities and actions. The reason they tried to do what they tried to do wasn’t very well justified. Overall they disappointed me.

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