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The Inquisitor’s Mark Review


This is book two in The Eighth Day Series, if you want to read my review for the first book, feel free to read it here.

Honestly, if I were to compare the two books, if I had to decide which one I liked better…I’d say the first book. The Inquisitor’s Mark was rather boring to me, and I felt like it dragged on. The Eighth Day was at a faster pace. Yet if I were in Middle School, I think I would have liked it better because this was the type of book right up my alley! So I do think Middle School kids would like it better than Teens, but that might be just me.

The Inquisitors Mark brings back several of the old character. The main guy, Jax, is here of course ready for his next adventure taking place not only in our seven day timeline, but an Eighth day as well. An Eighth day of the week were deadly criminals are banished by Merlin himself…A pretty cool idea if you ask me. Then again, I LOVE King Aurthur stories. My favorite character is descendant of King Arthur, Riley. Evangeline is back as well, and she’s okay I guess, her role wasn’t as big of a role as it was in the previous book.

Mostly we stay with Jax, who discovers he actually has a family. The Dulacs. They are known murderers and liars but they make him feel like he is at home thanks to their talents. Here we are introduced to a new point of view, Dorian. He is part of the Dulac family, he doesn’t want to follow blindly, he’s just too afraid to stand up for himself and others. In my opinion he sees Jax as a way to help others and he takes this chance after a while.

Other than Jax meeting his new family and trying to help out Evangeline as well, not much else happens. I felt like everything just dragged on and sadly I wanted the book the end 100 pages before it did.

Why then did I give it 2.5/5? Because if I were in 5th-8th grade I’m sure I would be in love with this book. I just wish I could get my brother to read it so I could see his opinion (he’s in 7th grade…)

If you’re a Middle Schooler who needs a new book, in love with King Arthur and all his tales, or need something to read, why not try this one? (Well try The Eighth Day first since it’s the first book in the series!)

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