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I absolutely loved Pawn, the first book in the Blackcoat Rebellion series. So it’s not a surprise that I read the second one! I mean come on, I loved the writing, the story, the characters (for the most part) everything about it was AWESOME! The second book lived up to the first, well, for the most part. Through the duration of the story I was held captive (see what I did there) by the story. The whole thing is horrifying to think about, the violence and death, the higher ups thinking it’s okay to go out and hunt a person for sport because they aren’t valuable. I mean what makes them think it’s okay to begin with? What the heck people? I loved the rebellion side and how truthful it is when the characters repeat:

“There is no such thing as a bloodless revolution.”

The truth behind that is both chilling and eye opening for multiple characters as they work with the Blackcoats to bring true freedom to everyone, no matter what their number may be.

“An armory isn’t always made up of guns and knives. Sometimes, information is the most powerful weapon of all.”

I loved the story but I didn’t really like Kitty much in Captive. I liked how she was witty and strong both mentally and somewhat physically. But she would talk back to a bad guy and didn’t expect certain consequences to happen. Come on Kitty, how could you not expect them to do that because you bad mouthed that person? Really? Even I saw that coming. She seems to be kind of selfish too, cowardly even. *Somewhat spoiler* She’d rather die now than live to help countless others in the end. *End somewhat spoiler* That seems super selfish to me, I wish she didn’t act like that.

“The only thing that really matters in the end is how we choose to live.”

Speaking of seeing things coming I found some of the events to be rather predictable. I’d turn the page and think, ‘yup, saw that one coming a while ago.’ Still it was just as thrilling and horrifying and uplifting, depending on the situation.

The idea might not be the most unique when it comes to dystopia but I think the story is amazing. I LOVE IT! Like I said the writing in this is beautiful and holds your attention. The whole book is almost like a movie in your head, the characters feelings seem real and mostly likable.

There is only one thing I didn’t really like about Captive, other than Kitty acting selfishly. I didn’t like the cover, I feel like it didn’t match the first one, so I was kind of disappointed.

If you love dystopian stories with a bit of rebellion sprinkled on, or need a captivating (see I did it again!) story then you should so read Captive (or Pawn #1) by Amiee Carter!

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