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Book Discussion- Book Conventions?

Happy Daylight Saving Time! Are you read to save some time :D?

Anyways, back to business… todays theme is… book conventions!

I’m not sure how many there are out there, but book conventions are were book lovers can get together, fan over their favorite reads or meet others. Have any of you gone to a book convention?

Angelina and I are planning to go to YallFest this year in South Carolina which takes place November 13th and 14th! Last year, 60 authors went, WHICH IS AWESOME! Even some of our favorites where there, James Dashner, Sarah J. Maas, E. Lockhart, and Lauren Oliver to name a few of a million! We didn’t got last year so if we end up going to YallFest this year, we will for sure have a post about it :)!

We have been to anime conventions before, and video game ones but never a book con. Anime ones are so much fun (video game ones too!) getting to see all your favorite shows, voice actors, japanese bands! They are a fun experience.

Okay, enough blah blah blahing!

Have any of you been to YallFest or a different book convention?


8 thoughts on “Book Discussion- Book Conventions?

  1. Great post! You’re going to have to live tweet your con experience. 🙂

    I’ve been going to various cons since I was five years old, and the best that I have seen with a book focus are the smaller cons. Condor and Conjecture are both in San Diego, CA each year. They are sci-fi/fantasy cons, but very small. They have a dealer room, panels, guests, etc., and they have a big focus on books and authors. There are some big-name authors and guests that attend, too.


    1. Haha that’d be fun :)! I am not even joking about how excited I am about going, it looks like so much fun!
      That sounds like a SUPER fun convention :D! Those are my favorites, Science Fiction and Fantasy? I think yes 🙂
      But CA is so far away from where I live o.o!
      Thank you for sharing :)!!!


  2. How exciting! Your first book con! I’ve only actually been to one, and I don’t even really know if that should count because I was only there for a whole ten minutes. I went to YALC in London, which was part of the London Film and Comic Con, and it was just so hectic and disorganized (it was the first time they had the YALC convention) that I ended up getting overwhelmed and had to leave. Blegh! I would really love to go to another convention someday though to meet some other bloggers. Now that I’m back in the States BEA is the main attraction but I’m not sure if I’m willing to pay the money to go just yet.


    1. I bet! Sounds hectic :O! I’m sure it’s gotten better of the years tough, right :)? Maybe ^_^?
      I actually never heard of BEA until today (although my sister has, how she has heard of it, I have no clue)! That convention looks like a lot of fun :D! If you do go you should let us know 🙂 we would love to hear how it went for you!
      Yeah :D! going to conventions would be a super fun way to meet some bloggers 🙂 I think that would be a super fun way to get to know everyone.
      Thank you for stopping by!!!


  3. That sounds so exciting! I’ve never been to a book convention, but I hope to go someday. I would also like to go to a blogging convention, someday. Have fun! And be sure to take lots of pics :).


    1. Hi there! I have been to lots and lots of anime conventions, and they’re amazing fun! I have been to a couple of book events, and they were cool, but there’s more awkward hanging about doing nothing time than at cons. Cause at a con, you’re just hanging out with lots of other otaku! But at book events the ppl are kinda shy and aren’t necessarily a book fanatic like you are ^_~ That being said, I am trying to go to more book fests this year, too! I do always want to go in costume, though… Do the Otakutwins cosplay?


      1. Hey Eden 😀 (can I call you Eden?) *The way I read this out loud sounds really weird haha*
        Anime cons rock :)! I love all the costumes and fan girl/boying :D! It’s like being in a sea of awesome!
        Haha, I understand that, Im super shy so I get it XD!
        Hope you enjoy all the cons this year :)!
        We have cosplayed before as Lightning from Final Fantasy and Maqui plus we have a few other costumes. But we really wanna cosplay as Anna and Elsa T.T it would be so much fun XD!
        Have a great day/night!


    2. :O There are blogging conventions? That is awesome :D!!!
      If you get to go, hope you have fun too! they look like so much fun 🙂
      Thank you 🙂 we will be sure to share some!
      Have a great day/night!


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