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Quote Time Friday-2001 A Space Odyssey!!!

2001 A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke was one of the first adult science fiction book I read in about 5 or 6 grade. I thought it was okay I’m sure if I go back and read it now I would LOVE it! There were some creepy intense moments that make me kind of thing of The Martian since both main characters were isolated without much human contact..

Seriously, if you need a chilling book that takes place in space then try out 2001 A Space Odyssey 😀

Happy Friday everyone!

Also, have you read this book? Or want any book quotes featured in future Fridays? Let us know below!

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2 thoughts on “Quote Time Friday-2001 A Space Odyssey!!!

  1. *SQUEALS*

    I absolutely love ” 2001: A Space Odyssey”, and fangirl super hard over it. Fantastic post!!!

    A. P. Bullard


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