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Book Discussion-Does this ever happen to you???

This keeps happening to me, and it’s making me feel all weird and stuff…

Do you ever read a book and then realize it looks just like someone at your work/school/place? This happened to me, a lot lately and it’s both freaking me out and making me VERY happy!

The first two are personal experiences, the rest are just people we think look like characters ahaha.

NOTE I am horrible at paying attention to character descriptions 😦 usually I forget it even if they always mention that his eyes are blue…

Case #1: Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins- David Stark

As I started reading Rebel Belle (good book by the way) I began to realize that Rachel Hawkins describe this guy in my class almost perfectly (although he isn’t rude.) HE LOOKS JUST LIKE DAVID IT FREAKS ME OUT! Now every time I see him I think David Stark 😛

More or less, that’s how I imaged David Stark only with Glasses. As a side note, Joe Brooks has good music, have any of you hear his songs? I love Superman… his song I mean 😀

Case #2 My story, The Illusionist- August Eero

For NaNoWriMo 2014, I started a new story called The Illusionist. Basically there are two main characters, August and Emery. The creepiest thing just happened, a new guy moved into my school looking just like how I imaged August and it’s giving me the creeps. Wouldn’t it be weird if he appeared in November when I started my story O.O? Think about that!

August, to me, looks like Ben Barnes a.k.a Prince Caspian from Narnia :3 NARNIA! I’m still waiting for his Emery to show up :)!

Case #3: We All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire-Levi

Levi is that rebellious guy whom everyone thinks is heading down the wrong path. But is he really? A new kid transferred into my English class and looked EXACTLY like him. Unfortunately it would be weird if I asked him for his picture so there’s a close one.

Case #4: Taken by Erin Bowman-Gray and his Brother

First one I can actually imagine as an actor on this list. It’s and Gray and his brother. The one on the right is his brother (I CANT REMEMBER HIS NAME ARGHHHH) and the one on the left is Gray 😀 why are they both Chris Pine? Well…why not, I mean he’s Chris Pine? Haha, well there twins so they kinda have to look alike!

Case #5- The Brokenhearted by Amelia Kahaney- Anthem

Anthem reminded me SO much of Scarlet Johannson as Black Widow, seriously awesome!

Case #6- Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas- Dorian

I like how I choose this picture for Dorian haha XD! MAX has amazing music and Mug Shot is my favorite by him and yeah… Dorain’s my favorite character in Throne of Glass (although Chaol is warming up to me :P!)… Max reminds me of him… 😛

Case #7-The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin-Mara and Noah

Alex Pettyfer and Lana Del Ray, Lana Del Rays is awkwardly big. But this is how I imagine the two of them except I think Noah would be a bit younger looking than Alex Pettyfer looks.

Well we could go on for days about this, but here’s just a few of the characters we imagined to look like in our head. Sometimes it’s classmates other times it’s strangers or actors/actresses.

Has this ever happened to you? Or who reminds you of what character?




4 thoughts on “Book Discussion-Does this ever happen to you???

  1. Oh, that has most definitely happened to me. It’s really unsettling and disconcerting when it does, and I’m never sure how to react during . . *ahem*. . intimate scenes. Worse, however, are the death scenes. It can be quite weird.


    1. Haha yes XD I know! When they die it’s both weird and sad, especially if you like that character. It’s like, ‘hey you died in that one book but here you are, isn’t that crazy?’ Ah life.


  2. I can’t say this ever happened to me, but then again I watch to little movies that I hardly know any actors. I do usually have a general feel or image in my head of how a character looks and occasionaly see someone who fits that image, but in most cases I find it very hard to find someone who adequately resembles the image I have of that character.


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