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Currently Reading Reactions

I was looking at Tom Hiddleston gifs for a post and decided hey, wouldn’t it be fun to show my reactions to what I’m currently reading? It sounds like a fun way to express you love for reading :3 so why not right? Depending on how this goes, we might post this often, or not…

Click the titles to visit the Goodreads page and read more about each book 🙂

1. Spelled by Betsy Schow



2.Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber

sirens furydying animated GIF

OH MY GOSH! Siren’s Fury is just asdfgh words cannot describe how AMAZING it is! I loved Storm Siren so much I couldn’t review it because WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE! Note, I will DEFINITELY be reviewing this one, SO GOOD!

3. The Girl At Midnight by Melissa Grey

girl at midnight

I just got this book and haven’t read enough yet to form an opinion 🙂 So glad to receive it!

4. Awoken by Sarah Noffke


So what are you reading :)? Anything fun?

**NOTE! Siren’s Fury, and The Girl at Midnight were sent to me by NetGalley, Spelled came from the Publisher Sourcebooks Fire and Awoken came from the Author! I would love to thank NetGalley, Sourcebooks Fire and Sarah Noffke for letting me read these books!!!!**







2 thoughts on “Currently Reading Reactions

    1. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to read it, the cover is BEAUTIFUL and I love purple :)! SPELLED IS SO GOOD! DO IT! FOR SURE DO IT BECAUSE I AM HAVING ALL THESE FEELS RIGHT NOW AND IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!
      So good :D!
      I know, I’m so happy that I got all of these arcs, I just have a problem with requesting too many at once. heh…:)
      Thank you for the comment! :)Have a good day!


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