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Book Discussion – What gets you to read a book?

Yay :D! It’s back, sorta… here is a new topic for this week, please feel free to leave your comments :)!

What gets you to read a book? Do you look at the cover? Do you just pick up a book because of the summary, or reviews? WHAT?!


Even though people may disagree, covers are important (to me), but not the most important thing to get me to read a book. If a book has an AMAZING cover, I will most likely pick it up to read the summary! The summary really gets me to read a book, if I like how it sounds BAM I’ll give it a shot! Mostly books with magic, fantasy, science fiction type books are the best for me, but sometimes I go out of my little comfort bubble for cute sounding contemporary! If a book has that… here it comes… love triangle (not done well)…. or mysterious “cute” boy…. I sometimes set it down O.O! Don’t be mad, please! It’s just that we need more books that a girl fawning over a boy’s looks and stuff… it really bothers me how many YA books (and books in general) deal with this. THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WONT GIVE THEM A SHOT OKAY? I do, I give them a read through and decide 🙂


What makes me want to read a book? Well, I guess mostly the cover and summary. If there’s a book that draws my eye I’m more likely to pick it up when compared to a duller, plain book. The summary helps as well. If you tell me that there’s magic and destiny I will love it (most likely!) Oh! Also I LOVE books with mermaids! For some reason they just draw me in like crazy. What makes me dislike books? Love triangles, the mysterious guy, entwined fates, she’s destined for blah blah. Things like that! The overused words, the shady new kid whom you suddenly trust. An uncontrollable force heading your way…The English language is full of words, it would be nice to try a few new ones!

So what about you? What makes you want to read a book :)?


6 thoughts on “Book Discussion – What gets you to read a book?

  1. I agree with what you guys said: The cover has to be intriguing, and so does the summary. It also needs to be in a genre that interests me, although I’m willing to branch out at times. 🙂


  2. Hrm. . . I tend to check out reviews whenever possible, and add interesting titles to my TBR list. If I’m out and about, though, I go by an attention-grabbing cover and an engaging synopsis. I’ve been surprised in the past but, in my experience, the quality of the cover says a lot about the quality of the writing. Again, this is not always the case.

    The book I am reviewing for someone right now has a very simplistic cover, yet the story is engaging and exciting.

    Happy Reading! xoxo


    1. I add interesting stories to my TBR list as well 😀 it helps but sometimes I forget they are even there since I have so many books on it XD! I do agree with what you said, sometimes the cover speaks for the book. The better the cover the better the writing, but sometimes you find a hidden gem with a cover you didn’t really like ^^. What are you currently reading?


      1. That is true. I have definitely had that happen.
        My current read is To Be a Hero, by Julia Fellner.


  3. I agree with you guys 🙂 I think captivating covers and a good summary play an important role in deciding on a book. Some covers are just too pretty!


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