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Savor (Warm Delicacy #1) Review


Savor was one of those books that held such promise for me. I’ve never heard of a story where a human girl becomes a Vampire Princess (at least, I don’t remember one!) The idea was so unique, wonderful and awesome, that I just had to read it! I HAD TO! Plus, I like vampires, not the sparkly kind. Then again, I love all creatures from the Fantasy genre, they hold such promise.

Okay, it’s about vampires, but don’t walk away just yet!!! There were some good ideas, just stay tuned to find out what I mean!

So, did Savor shock me? Surprise me with its new magical wonders? Let me answer this in two ways, yes and no.

The yes part was that I loved the idea and also the characters.

Robin was Claire’s best friend when it came to her new vampire family. She was nice, smart, kind, awesome, funny and sweet. If you couldn’t tell, I thought she was a likable character. Claires love interest was Demitry another vampire who was pretty cool.

Another idea unique about this was that the areas of her world were split between multiple vampire families with different rules, desires and thoughts. You didn’t get to learn much about them, though, I thought it was pretty unique!

The ending was had an incredible cliffhanger, a what just happened cliffhanger that might have sold me on the next book. I’m still deciding if I want to read the next one.

The no was the story was, at times, incredibly slow! I was bored more than half the time, yet when the intense, oh-my-gosh moments happened my heart was pounding and my interest in the story had been revived. I didn’t like Savor because in a 300 some page book I want more interest and less boredom.

Also, Claire was to willing to go with the vampire royals to be their new Princess. She didn’t run, didn’t really cry or scream. She just practically thought why the heck not? I mean what’s she going to do, run away from a royal family of immortal vampires? Sounds possible right? Right? Yeah…

If you’re looking for that vampire, teenage story with romance, action and some shocking moments then check out Savor by Megan Duncan. You might be just as shocked by that ending as I was!

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