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The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and The Olympians #3) Review



This is the third book, my reviews for the first two can be found here:


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WARNING! There may be spoilers if you haven’t read the first two books. As always, I try to keep my reviews as spoiler free as possible, but I would still like to warn you :).

But when you’re the son of a Greek god, it happens. And now my friend Annabeth is missing, a goddess is in chains and only five half-blood heroes can join the quest to defeat the doomsday monster.
Oh, and guess what? The Oracle has predicted that not all of us will survive…

So far, I have felt mostly the same for all of these books. The Lightning Thief, and The Sea of Monsters both were really good, funny, and had amazing endings, The Titan’s Curse is no exception! I like comedy, but usually tend to not laugh out loud for any book, so far the Percy Jackson books have all had me laughing and gripping the…book!

Percy is one amazing narrator. It isn’t often that a character makes me laugh like I said, he just has a witty comment for everything! I will just keep saying how much I adore his voice and personality, he is far from a boring character.

“Wow,” Thalia muttered. “Apollo is hot.”
“He’s the sun god,” I said.
“That’s not what I meant.”

From the start, The Titan’s Curse pushes you into action, starting where Grover is in need of Talia, Annabeth, and Percy’s help.This was a really good way to start the book, it really helped the reader get into the story by starting it with the introduction of two new Half Bloods, a monster and a disappearance. For me, I really enjoyed the plot. This book had action, heart pounding, hair raising moments, but it also had those sweet, light-hearted ones as well. Like the other Percy Jackson books, there are breaks between the fighting where it seems to provide a breather and a laugh 🙂

Tyson thought Annabeth was just about the coolest thing since peanut butter, and he SERIOUSLY loved peanut butter.

In the Titan’s Curse, old and new characters are brought together with one, well two goals. Artemis, goddess of the Hunt and Annabeth have gone missing. It’s up to the Hunters, Thalia and Grover (and Percy!) to find Artemis before Winter Solstice or the world will come close to being in peril (again)! The new characters are just as clever, and wonderful to read as the old. Rick Riordan does a great job of adding in Greek Mythology to the book, like always it’s fun to guess who each character is, who their parent might be or what their story.  The Titan’s Curse added new myths I hadn’t hear about yet, I wont say exactly which ones because of spoilers but hey, you learn something new every day!

“This is so cool!” Nico said, jumping up and down in the driver’s seat. “Is this really the sun? I thought Helios and Selene were the sun and moon gods. How come sometimes it’s them and sometimes it’s you and Artemis?”
“Downsizing,” Apollo said. “The Romans started it. They couldn’t afford all those temple sacrifices, so they laid off Helios and Selene and folded their duties into our job descriptions. My sis got the moon. I got the sun. It was pretty annoying at first, but at least I got this cool car.”

The Titan’s Curse is worth the read. With it’s funny, action packed plot, great writing, and definitely worth it characters, The titan’s Curse is my second favorite Percy Jackson book right after The Lightning Thief.

Have you read The Titan’s Curse or any Percy Jackson and The Olympians books yet? Did you like/hate them?



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