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Brooklynn’s Bridge Review


Brooklynn’s Bridge was a nice, somewhat short story, that I overall enjoyed. The writing was beautiful and flowed incredibly well, it was easy to read but eloquent at the same time. I enjoyed the writing the most of all, I needed to read something written like this and I was glad that I did!

Brooklynn was an okay character, she and I didn’t connect as much as I would have liked. She was very witty, kind (when it came to her visions) and fine when it came to her decisions. Brooklynn didn’t annoy me often but there were times when I did not like her choices. She never gave Haagen (the main love interest) much of a chance, she acted like she liked him then didn’t. She kind of knew that these girls could be mean but hung out with them instead of the nicer people. While she didn’t make the choices I would have liked, I did like that she had visions of the future and tried to help people with them. I think it was a noble choice for someone to do something like that and this is were I liked her most. There were many other characters like Haagen, January, Taylor, Zack, Laynie and more but Brooklynn and January were the main characters.

January was the antagonist for most of the story, sbhe’s the rich type rebellious girl who causes trouble for everyone. She had insecurities that she kept well hidden.

While the story was short it was nice but kind of slow at some points. The ending was a bit predictable for me yet I think it was suitable.

I think that if you need a book to read then maybe you should try this one out! Brooklynn’s Bridge was intense at some points and nice at others. If you like young adult, romantic or fantasyish books then try out Brooklynn’s Bridge!

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5 thoughts on “Brooklynn’s Bridge Review

  1. I don’t know but the title reminded me of A Tree grows in Brooklyn. Random thought!
    Anyway, great review and the book seems interesting. I might give it a go

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