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Fangirl Book Review


I’ve been meaning to read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell for a while, ever since I fist saw it. Honestly I think I was dragged in by the cute cover, I adore that art! Normally I don’t read books like this… okay well I’ve been reading more of these than normal, contemporary, realistic fiction, romance… Fangirl was better than I was expecting, and that made me super happy!

The first third of the book was hard to get into, it started slow and Cath was beginning to irritate me. In many ways I can relate to Cath, she is a Fangirl, a writer, a twin, the (sort of?) younger one (I say sort of because I don’t think they ever said for sure.) What bothered me about her character was how hard she found change, don’t get me wrong change is really hard to go through. I had a roommate before going to Japan, she was from Hawaii and at first we didn’t talk much, but when we did she was really nice! I shared a room with my host sisters, talk about change, Japan is very different from a small town in America… Cath didn’t want any change, she gave up easily to easily, and she always talked about how she didn’t want to make friends, she avoided people. That is just who she is, but is kind of bothered me, I felt so bad for her!!!!

Moving on… I really enjoyed reading about the characters. Rainbow Rowell is a really great writer, Fangirl was even better than Eleanor and Park by like a billion in my opinion. Eleanor and Park was written a little differently from what I remember, I think it’s just that, over time, I enjoyed Cath’s voice. The book was from her point of view and at the end of each chapter a Simon Snow excerpt. If I had to choose between the two (Fangirl and Simon Snow) I would choose Simon Snow only because I’m a huge fan of magic and would rather have something other than romantic, realistic books… Adding the Simon Snow excerpts was a really good idea, it gave us a chance to see what Cath loved. I know a lot of people say Simon Snow is a rip off of Harry Potter, and don’t hate me for this…I’ve never read Harry Potter so I couldn’t tell you if they were similar or not. All I can tell you is that I heard Rainbow Rowell is writing a Simon Snow book which excites me!!

There were some parts that I didn’t find important. For example, the book would have been just fine without Nick, Cath’s writing partner, he rarely came in the book.

I didn’t really have any problems with this book! It was cute, funny, sad… an emotional roller coaster you could say. The plot was done well and the story stayed interesting from the beginning.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes Rainbow Rowell (of course) and a realistic fiction story set in College 🙂


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