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Henge: Le Fay Blog Tour Book Review!


Morgan Le Fay has grown up knowing that one day she would be Maven, so when the Magic Competition comes to town she must take part. Despite being disqualified, she finds herself competing as a member of The Round and her dream comes closer than ever.

That is my mini summary of Henge: Le Fay, doing my best to avoid spoilers while summarizing the story! Where to start? Deep breath!

Okay, so I got to read this book as part of Xpresso Book Tours which made me super excited! Henge: Le Fay is a Camelot story, Camelot! Who doesn’t know the story of King Aurther and the Round Table? Or the Lady of the Lake and that awesome sauce Merlin? I am a HUGE fan of anything King Aurthur.

Henge: Le Fay started off a bit slow which sort of put me off. It wasn’t until around page 50 that I started getting into it, so please DON’T WORRY! The book is amazing, super amazing and I LOVED the ending! The only reason it was hard for me to get into was because of the writing style.Please don’t get me wrong, the writing style really grew on me and I found that the more I read, the more I enjoyed the book. It really starts to pick up pace, becoming shocking, even thrilling as it nears the end.

What kept shocking me was the Urban  Fantasy part, I know that sounds silly but it’s hard for me to imagine a Camelot story with cars and magic. This is what makes Henge: Le Fay interesting and more unique, it isn’t centered solely around King Arther, while it is about him, the story revolves more around Morgan and magic, although this may change in future books!

The plot was really good, as the story kept progressing the plot kept getting better and better! Starting with The Magic Competition, to learning bit by bit about Morgans past and her mother, to OH MY GOSH, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?! In the beginning, and through most of the book, flash backs are added giving us more detail to the mystery behind Morgans power and her mother which was very interesting to read.

The characters were easily recognizable, for me at least. There were also characters added not from the story of King Arther, so they kept the characters both fun and compelling. What made me a bit sad was the lack of King Aurthur but it must be mentioned that this is the first book so there will be more. Morgan wasn’t the typical cookie cutter main character, she wasn’t the kindest and often scrutinized herself which kept me interested.

All of the magic was… magical! The main types of magic reminded me a lot of Avatar, fire, water, wind… then the more rare types like Blood, Earth and Healing! While we never really got a peek at Blood, Earth or Healing all that much, they really set up something more to look forward to in the next books in the series.

There was a lot of mystery to this book, a lot of which went unsolved….and the final sentence… Henge: Le Fay will leave you wanting more, with its magical twist on the classical story of King Arther, it is a nice Urban Fantasy any and all will enjoy :)!

I recommend this book for those who enjoy a classical re-telling with a dab of magic.


4 thoughts on “Henge: Le Fay Blog Tour Book Review!

  1. Thank you so much for reading Henge and taking the time to write a review! I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed Henge, especially since you love the Arthurian legends! I hope you’ll like the next book too, which will be out later this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment and the book of course haha :). I’m looking forward to reading the next one too, it was a great twist to the Arthurian Legends 🙂


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