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So many questions (well, threeish)!

So many questions, like really, I’ve got a ton of questions!!!

I was just wondering if anyone could answer my questions because I can’t figure things out, plus I would like to hear your thoughts!!!

What is RSS? Like really what is it and should we add one to our blog? Actually, I never heard of RSS until I made a WordPress blog, so I am totally lost, if someone could explain it to me that would rock 🙂

Who is a good web-host? I heard something about WordPress deleting blogs if they get more views and traffic, followers, etc. so I’m worried O.O… Do you have a web host? Any good/bad reviews you would like to share with a totally confused blogger?

Well, I think that is it for now, can’t think of any of my other questions…

Okay one more!

Is there anything we could improve on for our blog? More/less of certain posts? Anything we haven’t done yet that you would like to see here? Let us know please ^_^

Thank you!


10 thoughts on “So many questions (well, threeish)!

  1. Hey. I don’t know much of these stuff, but I’ll tell you everything I know.
    RSS is a feed that shows your blog’s news, like recent posts and comment, it works sort of like a bookmark. Nowadays, it isn’t common enough as it used to be, because basically is similar to subscription.
    I don’t think that wordpress will delete your blog if you have many views etc, take for example famous wordpress blogger, who are still here after many years.
    WordPress.org is are self – hosted website. Basically, in them, you are the admin of it and have to make your own theme and generally create your blog from scratch. For more details google wordpress.com vs WordPress.org. it will give you more accurate info than I.
    Hope I helped.

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    1. Ohhhhh. Thank you for helping clarify. I keep seeing blogs with rss and so I was just curious!
      I didn’t think so, I just remembered hearing about that happening to someone’s blog 😮 freaked me out!
      Wordpress.org sounds interesting.
      Thank you for your help and clarifying haha ^^!!!

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  2. I don’t think you need to worry about WordPress deleting your blog. I think the most they’ll ever do is suspend your account, and that only happens if you violate one of their rules. But if you’re still worried, you could try wordpress.org.


    1. I hope not o.o!!! WordPress.org sounds interesting though ^^! Do you use it or no? Just wondering if it’s a good choice over wordpress.com or if we should just stick to .com 🙂
      Thank you for the help!

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  3. WordPress suspended my blog for two days and I could never figure out why. They never contacted me to tell me they were taking it down, it was just gone. They never contacted me to tell me they had reinstated it, it was just back. I have no idea why they did it or why they changed their mind. Be warned, it will be gone without notice or explanation! I’m not even joking, it happened to me this weekend!


      1. OH MY GOSH WHAT A RELIEF! I had a moment of panic, pure panic O.O! At least you got a response right :)? Phew *breathes a sigh of relief*


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