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The Archived Review


The Archived was one of those books I’ve been wanting to read for a while. The cover is beautiful, the idea unique, it seemed to be the perfect story. I was so excited to read it that I had a dream I started it and loved the book. Sadly The Archived didn’t live up to my expectations.

There were several things I had problems with while reading The Archives. First of all the main character and I did not connect with all. She just didn’t stick with me, I didn’t really like her all that much. She lied a lot, but has her reasons. Another thing I disliked was that she fell in love with this guy named Owen way to quickly. She barely knew him and they already kissed. He had a shady background but she didn’t seem bothered by this.

The characters didn’t seem all that real to me. Owen didn’t have much of a personality, he just came in quickly, Wesley was an okay character. I loved his humor, but he too did not have any personality. He was just kind of witty and there.  There was a love triangle that seemed a bit forced…

I had problems with the plot too. Nothing seemed to happen at all, 300 pages of just running back and forth, taking out Histories on the way. Nothing too mind blowing. Some things were predictable, like yeah, I saw that coming. Sorry but I was just plain disappointed.

Angelina, you’re probably thinking, did you like anything about this book?!?! My reply is ‘meh.’ Not really. I like the cover. I liked Wesley’s wit and character. It’s just no one really changed as a character, no one seemed believable to me. I did love the idea though!

Even though I didn’t like the book I still think you should try it out for yourself. Out of 9,000 ratings on goodreads it still has a rating of 4.06 so I’m the minority when it comes to this book. I think my hopes were just a tad bit too high.

I must add, I did love the quotes in The Archived though!

“Lying is easy. But it’s lonely.”
“What do you mean?”
“When you lie to everyone about everything, what’s left? What’s true?”
“Nothing,” I say.
― Victoria Schwab, The Archived

If you love ghost stories, young adult books or fantasy books then I’d recommend this to you!

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9 thoughts on “The Archived Review

  1. I know that feeling when you can’t connect to the main character, and it sucks. However, the book has been on my tbr forever, so I might try it. Great review!

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  2. I actually loved this book and it’s one of favourites of 2014! I loved the characters and the writing! So sad you didn’t like it as much 😦 have you read anything else by V.E Schwab/Victoria Schwab?


  3. I read The Archived a while back. I was kind of in a reading slump if I remember correctly so that could have been a reason why I didn’t really like it. I would like to reread it at some point because everyone raves about Victoria Schwab and I want to see if her writing’s good or if it was just the story that didn’t do it for me.


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