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Ever Darkening Review


I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

As a result of killing off the worlds last evil, a new kind of darkness is born and it’s up to Kaylyn and the Zophas to figure out what is exactly happening. The Zophas are born to do good, and trained to destroy evil so its only natural that they help a neighboring village with the problem of something deadly growing in the woods.

For me, Ever Darkening was hard to get into. The story has a slow start where the writing seemed a bit rushed and the story a bit flat. In the first few chapters evil died, and a character who we don’t even really know dies. Ever Darkening is far from a bad book, and the only thing I really didn’t enjoy was the beginning which felt lacking. The rest of the book however, is far from lacking for me. Once I finally picked up the book, it was easy to read and enjoy even if it was difficult at first.

Like I said, I had a hard time getting into this book, that feeling changed once I got a bit further. The way Janeal Falor wrote really brought on the chills, the way she wrote every scene in the next village was gripping and detailed, it was a bit creepy. Ever Darkening brings up some crazy points about the balance of good and evil, and what it would mean to upset that balance.

The Zophas were raised to do good, and the main characters are good! I felt some parts a bit ironic, like when the main character Kaylyn hated evil actions such as lying, yet she lied to herself about her feelings… a bit ironic but it doesn’t matter. Kaylyn is a strong main character, she doesn’t want anyone to see her weaknesses but only her strengths. I liked Kaylyn, she was a good character, literally both a good character and very well written, it was enjoyable to read about her and the others. Each character was a bit different, but for the most part they were all made up of good, and kindness.

Their was a love triangle… which, for me, was both needed and not necessary. It wasn’t necessary because love triangle usually aren’t a huge part of the plot and sometimes, feel more like a distraction. BUT in Ever Darkening, the love triangle is actually a part of the story, and it wasn’t a distraction, it was put into the story so that the love triangle didn’t take away. So don’t be turned off by the love!

All in all, Ever Darkening had a slow start, with good characters and a well thought out story. This book is one that makes you truly wonder about what it could mean to destroy evil.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy a short, fantasy book with a unique plot and characters.

Have you read Ever Darkening yet?

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