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Famous Last Words Review


When Famous Last Words came in at the library I had no idea what to expect. I read the books summary and that was about it. What drew me to this book? Well its a murder mystery where people are being killed like in famous old murder movies. What’s not intriguing about that?

Honestly, I was not disappointed too much. There were some parts of the story that I felt lacked, but I will get to that.

Willa is the main character, one of the many characters that I lacked a connection with in this book. She just didn’t seem real to me it could be because her personality is a bit different from mine. Willa shuts herself out from the world, blames herself for a lot, and is kind of snappy towards her mother and stepfather. She isn’t happy being in a new school, new town, with a new father. Who wouldn’t be? Yet there was something she was lacking, whether it was just a lack of voice when it comes to writing, or if it was just me, I’m not sure.

Wyatt was another character I had a hard time believing. He is obsessed with the Hollywood Killer, his reason for being so wasn’t very good either. He’s doing illegal things to get information on a killer for a school project that was due months ago. Okay then….

What’s a young adult story without a love triangle now-adays? Famous Last Words had one. The other guy was Reed. Willa’s stepfathers assistant, who’s a bit older than her, charming, and handsome a likable guy….really.

Another thing I didn’t like was that from practically the begging I figured out who the killer was…

Now, I know you might be asking me, “Hey Angelina, if you didn’t like all of that, then why did you give the book three stars?”

Good question!

The answer is this book got to be so creepy at times. Katie Alender does an awesome job of writing chilling scenes. Scenes that make your hair stand on edge. Scenes that almost want to keep you up at night. Almost.

scared gif 3595

Also I loved the creativity of her story idea. I’ve never really even thought of a messed up killer murdering people like famous old Hollywood moves. I thought it added a creepy, intense touch to it all. It’s been a while since I felt that with a book, so that’s why it got three flowers out of five!

If you like murder mysteries, chilling books or young adult books then you’d like Famous Last Words.


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