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The Seeker (Seeker #1) Review


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

Upon having this book accepted for me to review on Netgalley, I jumped for joy! The Seeker sounds amazing, looks amazing and just happens to be published by one of my favorites, Random House. What could possible be better than that? Did The Seeker live up to my freaked out excitement?

Quin Kincaid has been put through years of brutal training for what she thinks is the noble purpose of becoming a revered β€˜Seeker’.

Only when it’s too late does she discover she will be using her new-found knowledge and training to become an assassin. Quin’s new role will take her around the globe, from a remote estate in Scotland to a bustling, futuristic Hong Kong where the past she thought she had escaped will finally catch up with her.-goodreads summary

Basically, Quin has waited all her life to be a Seeker, until she becomes one. The day she takes her Oath, her world is shattered.

Yes and no, however, don’t fret. The Seeker is really good, with a bit of a bumpy start for me.

The beginning starts the reader off with a lot of questions, really big questions making you wonder if you read the whole chapter or skipped sections. Don’t worry, in time (sometimes a few chapters, other times longer) all will be answered, with occasional mind blowing conclusions. I had a problem with this because it was, at times, frustrating not knowing if you skipped something, or if it would be later revealed. Despite this, I kept reading and the questions are answered and what may feel like loose ends are fixed. Except there is a second book so there is more to learn!

The only other problem I had with The Seeker was the time period. The book starts in Scotland and travels to Hong Kong, among other places. In the beginning, the book seemed to be placed in the past, but as I kept reading, I kept scratching my head. So here is my guess, this book takes place in a distant future not exactly the same as our earth. There is an element of magic, and an amazing invention called the Whipsword, etc.

The Whipsword… the coolest thing invented in a book I’ve ever read? I think so, but if not, hey it comes pretty close! Arwen Elys Dayton did a great job introducing new, and magical sounding ideas to The Seeker, which kept my interest.

Having different locations throughout the book was also a plus, because we rarely get Young Adult books not set in America (or so it seems.) Reading about a character from Scotland, or Hong Kong, or with Japanese decent was a bit, if not, a lot of diversity and a huge breath of fresh air. Same goes for the characters, who were also diverse in both personalities and appearances.

In The Seeker, the chapters rotate between Maud, Shinobu, John and Quin. We get a glimpse into each characters motives and very different lifestyles. By far, I adored Maud’s character and story, I am hoping (fingers crossed) we may get a better look at her life before and during training to become known as The Young Dread :)! Quin, John and Shinobu however are the main characters, who are still very interesting to read about.

The plot was really great, only problem were the plot holes as mentioned above. Hopefully, in the sequel The Traveler, we will get a better idea at what The Dreads, and The Seekers are supposed to do because after reading the whole book, I am still a bit puzzled as to what they are and what they mean to society.

Overall, The Seeker was very enjoyable. Even with the confusing beginning, the amazing writing style, magical idea and very well written characters make up for what ever else it may lack. I recommend The Seeker to those who like a fantasy, adventure read πŸ™‚

Are you looking forward to The Seeker?

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13 thoughts on “The Seeker (Seeker #1) Review

  1. I got this from NetGalley, too, but I haven’t read it yet. I think it’s going to be my next book, though. I’ve read mostly negative reviews on it, so it hasn’t been high up on my priority list, but I’m glad to hear you didn’t think it was too bad!


  2. What I liked best about Seeker were the characters. Maud was awesome. The biggest problem I had with it was all the withheld information. The time period was a bit puzzling, too. I didn’t hate the book, but it was far from perfect. I’m still interested in reading the second book eventually…


    1. I really loved reading about Maud too πŸ˜€ only I felt bad for her… her chapters were sometimes so sad. The Middle Dread was a jerk… The time period was very confusing, it was hard to figure out… I think it was in the future… I think… I think I will read the second book too πŸ™‚

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  3. I think all the problems with this book mentioned in negative reviews and here could have easily been fixed with better editing. The story isn’t lacking substance, it just feels like it’s a deck of cards scattered on the floor. From the bit I got through before I put it down, it seems it just needed to be edited to be smoother. I didn’t like how we jumped around and I felt like the switching of POVs around characters didn’t really work. I too also couldn’t figure out when the hell this was supposed to take place. Jumping from old-fashioned Scottish country side to futuristic London and Hong Kong? What? I’m eventually going to go back to this book when I have more patience (read: when I’m not under grad school deadlines).


    1. That’s true, the book could have been a lot better. The Seeker didn’t really explain itself (that sounds weird…) and a lot of questions are remaining, hopefully they will be answered in the next book. I agree about the smoother part, I like reading different POVs, but sometimes they felt unimportant or out of the story, like Maud’s chapters (I liked Maud though). Let me know what you think when you finish it πŸ™‚ I would love to hear your opinions!


  4. This is the only review I’ve read for seeker (I gave away the ARC I had of it and I’m semi regretting that now) .I think the covers for these books are so pretty. I’m going to have to read them soon. GREAT REVIEW


    1. Thank you :D! Honestly, Seeker is NOT the best book out there not to sound rude XD. It was confusing but it had a really cool story :). If you read this one, let me know πŸ˜€ I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have a great day.


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