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Gunner Skale (An Eye of Minds Novella) Review


I haven’t read many novellas yet, Gunner Skale is my first one, and boy-oh-boy am I not disappointed!

The Eye of Minds and The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner are both incredibly written, action packed, heart pounding stories. The story takes place in the VirtNet a wildly popular virtual reality video game played by most people in the world. The Coffin keeps you alive while playing the game, everything you do you feel. The capabilities of the VirtNet are seemingly limitless. Gunner Skale, the main character, is the games top player and most famous one at that. He’s the main character of this 30 page short and a pretty good one at that.

Gunner isn’t as a developed character as the main character from The Eye of Minds, but he’s different in his own ways. He’s not a perfect faced character he’s both infamous (to adults) and famous (to the teens). He has his insecurities and even though he plays the VirtNet he still wants to stay grounded within reality.

Not much happens through the story, what does take place happens quickly. James Dashner sure knows how to write awesome action scenes that sound like they’re in video games. I can’t remember if what happens is said in the second book of the series but that ending blew my mind. Things are going to go down in the third book, I wish it was out already!

You’d like Gunner Skale and The Eye of Minds if you love video games, action/adventure, stories of survival and James Dashner!

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