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The Darkest Part of the Forest Review


Before reading:

After reading:

I have a terrible, terrible problem. I get WAY to excited sometimes, and more often than not, I get over hyped about a book or game and I end up not liking it. I’m the fish out of water so far for The Darkest Part of the Forest, a lot of people loved the book, I didn’t… and that makes me so sad, so so so so sad!

The Darkest Part of the Forest sounded like everything my dream book would have, a city where Folk live side by side with Humans, a sleeping boy with horns who one day wakes up and the world is turned upside down! Come on, does it get any better than Fey and magic and Folk fun (or disaster, because they are tricksters)!? Well, for me I didn’t like this book as much as I thought I would, the opening lines where so good though: Down a path worn into the woods, past a stream and a hallowed out log full of pill pugs and termites, was a glass coffin. It rested right on the ground, and in it slept a boy with horns on his head and ears as pointed as knives. The beginning holds such promise, and it’s written so prettily it made my mind fly away! LITERALLY FLY! Why? Because, just imagine the boy in the glass coffin, surrounded by the trees, soak that in… let it soak in… soaked in yet? Good!

They were in love with him because he as a prince and a faerie and magical and you were supposed to love princes and faeries and magic people.

While I enjoyed those first sentences, I disliked the beginning! Hazel gave up something, and she keeps mentioning it, but its written with such mystery it made me feel like I skipped a chunk of text when I actually didn’t! The whole start was covered in mist for me, just confusing and weird, happily the mystery was solved but the book never got better from there for me.

I think the plot needed something more. In 324 pages, I felt unsatisfied, like nothing was accomplished but Hazel kissing boys and lying.  What was the monster from the Darkest Part of the Forest? That was explained, but the monster wasn’t exactly terrible, okay I was freaked out by the descriptions, which was a plus for this book.The Monster from the Darkest Part of the Forest wasn’t a huge part of this book, I felt like it wasn’t menacing and only really appeared twice, it didn’t leave me scared it left me wanting more, which I was never given… I enjoyed the back story behind the monster, is was really interesting, I was just disappointed at the lack of heart pounding moments, thrilling scenes and action. The book felt as if there was a lot of confusion with alliances… I will say no more on that…

They were redcaps, terrifying monsters who delighted in butchery and dyed the garments in blood.

Unlike others, I didn’t like the characters much… I wasn’t really interested in Hazel, she didn’t have that relatable quality for me, she was okay. I did like Ben, he was different than most characters, he was gay and his gift of music was both a blessing and a curse. Not to sound terrible but I loved reading through his, uh, struggles and seeing how he moved on, it was nice (no, I don’t like peoples pain, I just liked his story!) I’m not going to say any more because of spoilers but I LOVED the ending, it felt right and sweet.

Sometimes Ben told stories about how he would free the prince, with three magic words– words he’d never say out lout in front of Hazel.

Holly Black is a really good author, and her oh my gosh, she wrote the best monster descriptions I have ever read! Her beginning was written so well, but my over excited state got the better of me and I ended up not enjoying it as much as I wanted too.

I recommend The Darkest Part of the Forest for people who like Urban Fantasy, Holly Black and FAE!!! (I LOVE FAE STORIES!!!)

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16 thoughts on “The Darkest Part of the Forest Review

  1. I hate when that happens!
    “It’s not bad enough to warrant 2, but it’s not good enough for a 3…” So frustrating!
    I think you did a great job explaining your rating, though. I have the same habit of getting excited beforehand, only to be disappointed once I finish the book.


    1. I tried ^^”! I enjoyed as many parts as I disliked I guess… it is frustrating! I just wish my mind could be like “oh hey, a 3 is nice…” or “oh why not a 3? 3 sounds good!”
      Thank you haha, it was difficult in a way, I know how I felt about the book its just, I didn’t want to spoil anything but the spoilers where what I loved and didn’t like haha :O so that was hard!
      It is a bad habit 😥 …
      A really bad habit DX!
      Thank you for the comment :)!


  2. Hmmm. I’ve been hearing pretty glowing things about this book for the most part, but you’ve made some interesting points about plot and characters and such. I do like Holly Black and fae, so I think I’ll still give it a try, but now I’m aware that The Darkest Part of the Forest is not without its faults.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a really really amazing idea and that made me enjoy it even if only a bit. I was just disappointed mainly in the monster who wasn’t really a huge part in the book to me D: I mean it was a cool monster but still… Let me know what you think 🙂 I would love to hear what you thought of the book!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I did read a lot of reviews where people loved the book, I’m just a fish out of water in a way. If you do end up reading it, I hope you enjoy it 🙂


      1. I’m a Holly Black fan but I’m not super big with the whole fairy genre so I’ve been on the fence. I just really like having signed books. It’s an addiction. I’ll let ya know when I manage to dig out of snowpocalypse and get to my library!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I understand haha. Signed books are also awesome, like SO awesome. I don’t know why it’s just nice to have haha 🙂 Thank you! Good luck with all that snow, absolutely crazy! I’ve never heard of so much snow before in my life!


    2. Well, I did read a lot of reviews where people loved the book, I’m just a fish out of water in a way. If you do end up reading it, I hope you enjoy it :)!


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