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Luminaire (Florence Waverley #2) Review!


This is book two in the Florence Wavelery Series, if you want to read my review of the first book, then just go here.

I received a copy of the book from the author for a honest review, this does not effect my opinion!

If you haven’t read my first review, then you might not know that I really love stories with mermaids in them. Florence is no exception to this love of mine. It’s colorful, simply wonderful and just a gosh darn good mermaid tale that (I think) is good for all ages!

The details and storytelling in this book are absolutely wonderful. The world of Niemela is thought out carefully, each aspect of their life just perfect. Were they eat, how they live, were they sleep, every detail is awesome. Also, everything is so colorful, even the mermaids have names for the colors which I think is so cool. No mermaid, so far that I know of, is the same color. Each are wonderful, some evil, in the best ways possible!

I love the new characters! My favorite is Wynn. He’s a thinker merman aspiring to be a warrior one. He’s intelligent and nice, that’s what I like most about him. Mara the daughter of Provonox who tries each life path and succeeds just so people know how good she is.

Evil characters in this book were really threatening. They face exiled mermaids who killed and stole, who use dark magic and charmed others. It seems like it’s almost impossible to get past these foes!

Of course old characters come back like Florence (the main character.) You find out more about her past life as a human and her mother, one of the things I liked most. She’s the same likable character who’s living in a magical -and colorful- world of mermaids. Also Rolan, *somewhat spoiler* now King,  *end somewhat spoiler* is back and acting rather harsh towards Florence. He no longer seems to be the merman she fell in love with, there’s something dark is in his eyes, why is he so different? Well, the answer is in the book, and if you wish to know why I suggest you read it (I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!)

I didn’t like Luminaire as much as Florence but it was more action packed, heart pounding and thrilling! In this book the characters go through a maze to get their life path as mermaids (and well, a human). The maze isn’t a really nice place and it’s were the darkest monsters are this time. They face countless dangers not only living but natural as well. Underwater fire, evil mermaids, and other creatures of the Darkness. Some blame their troubles on Florence yet they all have to work together if they want to survive. With all the fighting and rivalry between the characters, is survival even possible? Find out in Luminaire!

You’d like Luminaire if you liked Florence, mermaids, fantasy, romance of colorful books!

For more about the book go here:

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