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Throne of Glass #4 TITLE REVEALED!

Oh this is so exciting :D! Yesterday if I’m not mistaken, the title for the 4th book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas was revealed to the world! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Queen of Shadows!

Wow. Gosh. This title sounds so good, can’t wait :)! The Throne of Glass is a really good series and if you have yet to read it, what are you waiting for? With each book, the stakes get higher and honestly it’s worth your time! I just finished Crown of Midnight and oh my goodness, my mind was blown away! So good!

Haha, well are you excited for the Queen of Shadows? I sure am :D!!! (Haven’t read Heir of Fire yet…)


8 thoughts on “Throne of Glass #4 TITLE REVEALED!

    1. I know:D!!!!Queen of Shadows sounds like kick butt awesome :D!!!!! Me too I’m so excited to see it, I love the Throne of Glass covers. Purple sounds good :3 dark and shadowy heh… I keep hearing it is amazing ^^ my birthday is next week so I’m hoping to get Heir of Fire then :3 ! The Crown of Midnight was SO good 0w0

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