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Sacrificed Book Review


I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I read about Scarificed by Emily Wibberly, I got very excited. Scarificed sounded so good, and had such a wonderful summary I couldn’t help but request it. Despite my excitement, I wasn’t a huge fan of Sacrificed, but don’t let that discourage you. I understand, writing is hard work and so is finishing your first novel, the next books can only get better 🙂 and yes, I will be reading them for sure.

For the most part, I disliked this book because of how convenient everything was for Clio. She just happens upon a way into the city, happens to become a sacrifice where a nice man is in charge. Everything just happens to work out for her, it sort of made me feel like nothing was going to happen because once she set her mind, everything went smoothly. It wasn’t until the last 110 pages or so that Sacrificed started to get better for me, there was more of an intensity to the story where not everything was going exactly as planned. The enemies got eviler and the force of darkness… got darker. The plot intensified as the book neared its ending making me excited for the next book!

On to the characters, I felt like they were all interesting. There were a few things about them I felt where off. The Prince was friends with Clio for a very long time, only she stopped being able to see him for five years. *tiny not very spoilerish spoilers*For me, this was odd because when they meet again, he is in love with her like that. *end tiny no very spoilerish spoilers.* The love triangle felt forced in a way that the story would do just fine with out any love interest, yet the story seemed to revolve around Riece and the Prince. I don’t know, for me I enjoy a story that has some aspect of love, it just felt like Sacrificed had forced it into the book by adding the Prince or making the nice Commander.

Now, I liked some things because I did round this up to three flowers :)! While I wasn’t a huge fan of the love triangle or beginning, the more you read, the better it does get. The villains were actually evil which is a plus and definitely made my blood boil at times. The whole idea of the main character being an Oracle was really unique, and honestly, I can’t think of another book with an idea like that, props for you Emily Wibberley! I did like the characters like I said above. Clio rushed into things without really thinking them through, but she had some total sass which was awesome to read. She was a strong lead, and it’s easy to find yourself rooting for her, especially with these villains!

Overall, this book wasn’t my cup of tea until the ending. The plot was okay, everything just happened to well for Clio. The characters were nice, only with a (my opinion) not needed love triangle. I would like to note that this book was bloody, and it gets more bloodier the more you read, if you aren’t good with blood, just be warned a bit. No, Sacrificed wasn’t too gory, just thought I should mention this in case you are like me.

This is Emily Wibberley’s book, however, and I would like to complement her on her first book, it is a good debut and though I disliked it, I always want to encourage people to pick up debut books to help new authors reach a bit of spotlight. While Sacrificed wasn’t for me, it had enough intense moments to make your heart beat fast and blood boil.

Will you be reading Sacrificed?

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5 thoughts on “Sacrificed Book Review

  1. You guys seem to be requesting all the same books as me from NetGalley! It’s great to see what you think of them before I dip into the books myself. I was really grabbed by the blurb for this one too. I wonder what I’ll think of it.


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